Thursday, December 28, 2006

The beginnings of an Emerald

I am still working on my Seascape Twist socks, and am almost finished with the first one. I could have finished last night, but I decided to swatch for my new sweater.

I like the yarn a lot, and I'm using my new needles! The yarn is Lane Cervinia Londra in color #20. Pretty, slightly varigated greys that I can wear with almost anything. The pattern is from I decided to move this project to the front of the line because I want to actually wear it while it is still cold.
I want to get started tonight, but I'll probably work mostly on my socks over the next few days. I am trying to finish this pair before the end of the year. I want to complete 24 pairs. I did remember a pair of slippers I didn't have on my list from a few posts ago, but I don't think they count. They were not constructed like socks. I could cheat and say they count, but it wouldn't feel right.
In the upcoming year I am participating in the "Socktopia" KAL. A whole year of sock making fun. There will be themed socks to complete each month for prizes. I want to be fresh and ready for the KAL on the first!
I am still working on the entrlac scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I should work on IT, instead of starting something new, but I don't care. Ok I do. I will finish it before January 19th, but I want to work on something else right now. I am about half way done. I have a few ends to weave in, and I don't feel like weaving ends right now. I like the knitting part, but the finishing part SUCKS. ugg. Hopefully, I will be inspired to complete it when I am finished with my Seascape Twist socks. When I start wrapping up projects I get on a roll.

Finally, just because I can, I took a picture of my Christmas Yarn to share with y'all.


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