Friday, December 29, 2006

Ready for 2007...almost

The end of the year always makes me introspective. I think it does to a lot of people. I think about the things I've accomplished, the things I didn't. People I've met. Places I've been. It's nice to do that.
This year I learned a lot of things- both knitting and non knitting. I knit my first sweater, used two colors, conquered lace, completely conquered socks, learned ML, had the lightbulb go on about entrelac, and that I LOVE alpaca. I also learned about the history of aviation through war, how rope is made, how ships are maintained, the history of Connecticut, more geneology than you can imagine, and how to work an Mp3 player.
I've met a lot of people. In my business it's a given, but the highlight was probably either Susan Sarandon or Olympia Dukakis.
I've been to many new places, mostly in my new state - from cities to one stop sign towns, and Rhode Island.
Next year I hope to meet more new people ( a given), go new places - maybe Vermont, and keep learning new things. I want to really master color work - specifically fair isle, but also insertia, continue on the lace quest - doing hard things involving grafting and fancy mitered edges, and finally conquering the scarf for DH. (I will do it!!) I'd also like to take a class about wig building and attend USITT.
2007 will bring my 10th Anniversary, a milestone birthday, and the demise of a credit card bill that has been looing forever.
Bring it on!
Now to the knitting:
It seems odd to me that I am knitting a sweater named "Emerald" in grey. Emeralds come in many colors - not just green - but none in grey that I know of. hmm. Just continuing on my "grey phase" I suppose. I made incredible progress on it last night at SnB. I told myself that I would knit one ball of yarn, then put it away until I finished my second Seascape Twist sock. yeh right. I finished the first ball with ONE ROW of ribbing left to go. Poo. I HATE leaving things "almost" at a good stopping point. It would have been perfect to run out at the end of the ribbing. I could have put the sweater down for WEEKS with out having an itch to continue on. Of course I was at SnB, so I didn't have more yarn with me. I could also have unraveled the swatch, but I didn't want to do that. SO, I knit the toe of Seascape #2.

Fast forward to getting home.

I am now at home, and have the dreaded unfinished ribbing loomimg in the project bag. ok. I'll just knit the one row of ribbing. A new ball will be added and I'll be able to pick it up again as soon as the sock is done, ready to go.

I'll wait for you to stop laughing.

My thought process went like this:
ok. well, I'll knit the first stockingette row so I can have the markers placed. er. I don't like to leave my knitting on a purl row. I like to end on the right side. one more row. well crap. now I'm too tired to work on the fiddly bit of my sock, and I am part way into a new ball and a new section. I don't want to leave it like this! I'll knit until the waist decreases start. It's only about 18 more rows.

Thank goodness I didn't run out of yarn again. I could still be doing this. I managed to finish the section before the waist shaping, and leave only about 6 yards of yarn at the end. Ready for a new ball, at a logical stopping spot, and NOT looming at me. it I would have attached another ball I might be in trouble. Sure I'd have a sweater by next Friday, but I'd never finish my 24th pair of socks.

I think I might need help.

I can report that I love my new needles. AWSOME! SLippery, lighter than you'd think, flexible cord, and SHINY. I think they were half the reason I kept working on the sweater.

As I said before, I am officially half done, plus a little, with the Seascape Twist Socks. A picture:

The pattern doesn't show up as well as it would with a lighter, less boldly varigated yarn. I originally didin't like them much, and considered ripping them out. BUT - isn't there always a but - I like them now. The pattern reminds me of waves hitting the beach. I like it moocho mucho. Subtle waves, for a subtle beach theme. I like to think of the warm beach in the winter. If you put the Beach Boys on, crank the heat, and smell salt water....


anphoe said...

Hi Val, nice socks again. And I can't wait to see your new sweater.
I have a question, since I got some gift money from christmas, I am trying to buy a circular needles from Knitpicks for my fisrt pair of socks. I am thinking may be a size 1 or 2, but which length should I get if I want to try the magic loop method, 16", 24" or longer? Thanks a lot. Hope you have a Happy New Year!!

costumechick said...

for some reason I can't access your blog. I was going to leave a message there. Oh well. I'd get a size 1 needle, in a 32". I use my size 1s the most. Yea! Another sock knitter!!