Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Watch out for my Slingshot!

I debuted my Slingshot today at my 9:15 meeting. I recieved lots of "ooooo and ahhhhh"! Also plenty of "I need one! How Cool! and My whole family would like one!". I consider it a success.

It holds the coffee very nicely, no slippage at all!

I thought that the strap might be too short for the Dunkin lids, do to thier "high profile", but I had plenty of arm room, even with my heavy coat on.

Great way to use us sock yarn ends! The color is closest in this picture.

Pattern: Slingshot from the Winter '06 Knitty
Yarn: super tiny amount of KP Sock Garden in Yukon - I need superwash. I'm messy with my coffee.
Needles: Brittany Birch DPNs, size 2
Notes: This took about an hour and a half to make. Even with swatching. So easy and well written. I highly recomend it. I decided to not do the color work it as written in the pattern, mostly because I was to lazy to dig through my partials bin to find a coordinating solid in the appropriate weight yarn. I might make some more of these to have on hand as "gift extras". They would be a good use for all of my partial sock skeins - as well as an excuse to try out some Fair Isle patterns. The only change to the pattern that I would make is to knit the "cup holder" portion a bit longer. Maybe do another set of decreases were the current BO is, and knit another 1.5". It would be more of a "cozy" for your hand.

I am headed into another series of Dress rehearsals, so I won't see any of my SnB friends for a couple of weeks. (frown) So I'll show off here when I can. In that spirit, here is my first sock in the Falling Leaves Pair. I wasn't going to show them until I was finished, but, eh. I changed my mind.

It's not blocked yet, so the pattern is still a bit hard to see.

Ahh. The close up shows it off better.
Till next time!


Anne said...

The socks look great! And I love the slingshot!

I have finished Knit the Anger Purl the Rage scarf #3 of 3. I wet-blocked it last night. Then I will do the single crochet edging, then steam-block it again -- should have it finished by the weekend. I will take photos, of course.

Last night after the blocking, I cast on for one of the baby blankets. Since then (last night and lunch hour today), I have done 28 rows (of 164). So I'm off to break some speed records, I think.

Sorry I won't see you at S&B the next couple of times -- talk to you soon.


anphoe said...

I love the socks.

So, Anne and you are not going to SnB for couple weeks... and who will be there? oh well. I also hope to see you soon. (If I can see you, that means I would have a new car).

Anne said...

I'll be there tonight, Phoebe -- I was just telling Val I was sorry that SHE wouldn't be at S&B for the next couple of weeks.

I hope to see you later this evening.