Thursday, December 14, 2006

My box of Red Scarves is growing

I am getting such an awsome response from my friends at work! We already have 9 complete, and 3 more in the works! Yay go team!

I am working on my third scarf. I haven't been posting pictures of the scarves, because I want to do a big scarf pile reveal at the end, so I am not going to post a picture of the beginning of the one I am working on now. I am making an entrelac scarf in Lambs pride worsted, using two colors. It will have a lot of ends to weave in, but I think it will be worth it. I am trying to weave in as I go, as to not make the finishing torturous.

This is my first foray into entrlac, and I can see the appeal. Lots of bang for the buck. It looks terribly difficult, but is actually quite easy. I think that if I made another scarf like this, or a blanket, I'd work with two balls of each color. In theory it should work, leaving hardly any ends to weave in. hmmm. I feel an experiment coming on.

The whole reason to knit this scarf was to learn the entrelac technique. I want to knit the Forest Path Stole from IK. It is soooo pretty, and done in... you guessed it! Entrelac! Lots of rectangles, all with , like 6, different lace motifs in alternating patterns. Pretty and complicated! ok. That's only kinda true. The process is easy. The lace bits have the potential to be easy or hard - depends on the motif. Keeping straight which rectangle is next could be a bear. The end result will be stunning. I can't wait to start.

(people who know me IRL are laughing right now. There is so much on my "want to knit" list. Who knows when I might actually get to it.)

My show opens tomorrow! I can't wait for Saturday. Time to get down to some knitting business. oh. and maybe decorate for Christmas. and do some laundry.

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