Friday, December 01, 2006

the end of Lacevember

Well, Lacevember has come and gone. I met some goals, and didn't meet others.
I finished DH's "Socks with Holes"
I finished all 6 of my employee lace scarves.
I nearly finished my Glasgow Lace sweater.
Not too bad. If I hadn't been crazy the last week, I would have met my goal! The sweater will be complete by Monday!

Also on Monday, I can reveal the secret costume project I have been working on. It has been time consuming (read: no knitting time), but it has also been interesting. I can't wait to tell you more!

Last night was the first night I've gotten to knit since Friday!!!!! I was going knit crazy! I finished my Friday Harbor Socks for DH.

The best part about blocking is that they look so... done. pretty, er handsome even. The worst part, is that I'll never block them again. DH will wear them as they are when they are dry. No need to fuss with blocking. I don't block the ones for me either. They are just so drapey and wonderful this way.

Also known as the "socks with, you know, holes" socks. They are knit from Regia 4fadig, on KP size 1 circs. I modified the crap out of this pattern, so much so, that in an earlier post I considered calling them "Friday Harbor Inspired Socks". The pattern is from Nancy Bush's "Knitting on the Road". I might make these again for me. The sock goes quickly, as the lace is not complicated, but different every round. One repeat is 12 rounds long, but is only repeated once across the front of the sock. Very easy to memorize.

I also finished the Elvis Wig for my Brother for Christmas. OMG. It is hillarious. I have to take a picture this weekend.

The Glasgow Lace Sweater only has the stinkin' neckband to do! Check out my seaming. Quite successfull.

Wait... you can't tell where it is? Look closer..

and just to prove there IS a seam...

I picked up the neckband stitches this afternoon, so I shall be completeing it soon!

I swatched for DH's sweater vest last night. tragedy struck. The yarn has all of these awful weak spots in it. I am going to see if all the skeins are like that, or if it is just this one. I will be so sad if I have eight skeins of unusable yarn. ok. pissed is more like it. I can't even return it. It was a yard sale buy. grr.

I suppose that I will be projectless when I complete my sweater. hmm.... what to do next? I will let you know what I decided on Monday!

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