Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Off for Turkey

I am headed off for Turkey as soon as I post this post!

I tried, I really did, but I did not finish my Glagow Lace sweater in time for Thanksgiving. so sad. I am done seaming! I only have to do the neck band. I fI didn't have to drive tonight I could get it finished. oh well. I have a plethora of holiday parties coming. It will debut then!

I took a picture of the Secret Santa Stocking I made this weekend:

A little blury, but you get the idea. I'm in a hurry...
Lastly, a little yarn pron from last weekend...

The yarn for Dave's ancient scarf

and a skein of Bearfoot for ME. wow. those are some bright colors!

must go. must drive. eat turkey. gain 12 pounds.

till sunday!

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Anonymous said...

VAL! Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you are well! Miss you guys; planning on being in CT a bit in December so we should get together. Do you have any good/easy (for me) Christmas Stocking patterns? Or is it just like socks but REALLY BIG?! :) My mom wants me to make one for my niece. email me or call, I'll do the same! take care!

Tara :)