Friday, November 10, 2006

Question #3 from Lacevember

The third contest question for Lacevemebr is quite a doozy!

"What are your ideal lacemaking conditions?"


I love to knit on the beach in the summer. I really love that the beach is only a few blocks away, making this very easy to accomplish. I also love to knit at the coffee shop. I like to sit in the comfy chairs in front of the fire place. Very calming, and since it has a glass front, I get a lot of people watching done. I knit lace in the dark - as witnessed form this last weekend, I've knit on top of a mountain, I've knit it in the car, on the train, in front of the tv, during conference calls. Just to mention a few. So what is my ideal condition?

My ultimate favrite way to "get my lace on" is in the warm sun with a cup of coffee (hazelnut), and my cd player playing... Metallica. I knit best to punk, heavy metal, and hard rock music. I don't are if I am at the beach, or if it is summer, it just has to be warm and sunny. Even sitting inside the sunniest window I can find is good.
That said, I like to knit lace when it is really gloomy outside too. I don't feel guilty for "not going out and doing something."

I suppose I am really an anywhere, anytime gal!

A quick update on the Friday Harbor Socks: I have finished the gussett on sock 1! Unfourtunately, I forgot to read the pattern. (not unusual, btw) I picked up the stitches and started knitting away in pattern and decreasing like normal. The problem is - I didn't change the two edge stitches from purls to knits. Not a big deal, the socks will just has a one stitch wide purl line to offset the center motif. not quite. The center motif finishes with a decreasing motif that gets further and further from those two edge stitches. I have to find a logical place to end my little purl booboo bofore I start the final motif chart. The hard part will be remembering what I did for the second sock. I'll write it down, but will I DO it? Hard to say...

Until Monday, stay safe and keep knitting Lace!

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