Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We got the House! We got the House!

uhh uhh! Yea baby!
we're coming after the Senate too!

Now, let's not Fart this up, please.

THIS is why I don't watch the returns. I go to see "Flushed Away" instead. Very funny, BTW. I think I'll need to see it again on Video, just to see all of the things I missed.
Dinner was good. We ate at the 'buffet". Tasty. Then to the mall to Borders. Still no IK, winter issue.. BLEH. Then to Panera in the mall. I knit, DH wrote and read. Then to the movie! Myself, DH and one other couple in similar age to us were the only ones at the "very late" showing of Flushed Away. I like it that way. No heads to see past, no crowds, no kids. Then I went home, and went to bed. No election coverage whatsoever. I did manage to knit the edging and one pattern repeat on my Glascow Lace, which would defintely NOT have occured had I watched election coverage. I would have thrown things at the conservatives. The poor needles and yarn would have been taken out by "friendly fire".

I desperately want to block my one completed piece of Glascow Lace. I want to make sure my calculations are correct. I'd really hate to knit both the front and back, THEN find out I'd made it too short. The problem is, I also want to have the unblocked side seams to match up, just so I know I am staying on gauge, and that all will line up when I finish it. I KNOW! It will be fine. I should just block the back to alleviate my concerns. Still, I really don't want to frog the whole dang back if it is too short. That will blow - big time. I suppose it is better than frogging both pieces....

err. That was called stream of thought.

Tomorrow I will block the back. we'll see pictures one way or another. Let's cross our collective fingers please!


Marla said...

I thought you were telling us you an DH bought a house. Doh! *smacks head with hand*

jena said...

Just pin it out! That way you get the best of both worlds. =D Good luck.