Thursday, November 02, 2006

shame shame shame on me

I am not OFFICIALLY on a Yarn Diet, but I've been TRYING to be good. It doesn't work. ever. That said, I really wen on a binge. It might not seem like it since I spent a scant $46 , but I spent it all on sock yarn. Lorna's Laces to name names. Check out "The Fifth Stitch" on line. It is not listed on the site, but if you call or e-mail her about the "Lorna's Laces Surprise", you can be the proud owner of a Lorna's Laces surprise package. You get 8 skeins - 4 pairs of socks - worth of yarn for $46. For Lorna's fans, you know this is a steal. Usually 8 skeins would run you around $80. Nearly 50% off! Whoot! I told her to send me anything but pink yarn. we'll see what I get....

In other news, the show and party were great last night. NO hang over - go me!

I am headed home this weekend to see my Cousin and her babies. She lives in Montana, so getting to see my closest cousin is a special treat. We are a year and 2 weeks apart, so we were inseperable growing up and moving away from each other was hard to do. This will be the first time our schedules have lined up in nearly 6(!!!!) years. The oldest is almost 4! I've never even seen her! It is so odd to me. all of our time growing up together, we talked about how our kids would be like sisters, just like we were. It's weird how life takes you in different directions. I hope we haven't grown apart too much. I want us to pick up were we left off.
Wow. I can't believe this is making me sad.

Moving on.

I am still moving forward on the Final Christmas Scarf. I will probably finish it this weekend - even with the driving. I might throw a sock project in the bag, just in case. I think it is DH's turn to get a pair. On that note, I am off to find a suitable stitch pattern for his socks. 'till Monday!

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