Monday, November 13, 2006

Is it March yet?

I suppose not. I'm all ready for it to be warm again, and it's not even really cold. This is going to be a long winter I think. At least I have my knitting to keep me warm.

I had intended on showing off my first sock from my Friday Harbor pair, as I finished it on Friday, but I managed to forget it when I came to work today. What can I say, It's Monday. I am ready to cast on for sock #2, but have put it off in favor of continuing to work on Glascow Lace. I am ready to start the armholes! The front of the sweater has a deep "u", so the armholes and the split for the sides is done at the same time. It sould go pretty fast. Frankly, I should have the front done, but I had a show to design this weekend (- it's secret, but I'll tell you about it when it is over), and I had yarn tragedy.
I was knitting away on Sunday, when I needed to add another ball of yarn. I pulled out the center string, and I got a big ol'e tangled mess. ok. Untangle. untangle. STupid yarn. grr. STUPID STUPID YARN!!!. I left the cozyness of the coffee shop to go home and use the ball winder. Maybe it'll be easier if I wind up the untangled bit. not so much. I ended up needing to cut in two places. annoying.
To alleviate my sad ball winding experience, I decided to wind my laceweight rayon. I want to start a tablecloth with it as my next lace project, so might as well wind while my winder is out.
NOTE TO SELF: remember to watch the ball winder, as every skein of yarn will not fit. You will get a giant knot in the gears when the yarn slips off the cake because you let it get too full. 300 grams of yarn will not fit. you need to wind two balls.
This did not help my yarn disaster from the coffee shop. It just pissed me off.
SO I ate some super yummy potato chips that I can only get in Central PA. That helped. So did finishing the torso of my sweater.

Let's hope that tonight goes a bit better.

Just because I can, and since I have no pictures today, I'm going to start a list of projects, in no particular order, that I have yarn for, and want to make... well, at some point. Socks don't count. I'm always making them.

1. sweater vest for DH. It will be orange yarn for Farmhouse Yarns.
2. my superspiral rayon table cloth.
3. rona shawl in tidal pool alpaca cloud
4.3/4 length gloves for me -black sock yarn. I should do this soon... scarf for dh- unknown yarn, unknown pattern garden fingerless mitts for me to use at work. new blankets and pillows for the couch. - I've had this yarn forever!
8.clapotis - yes. I still have not made one.
9.print o' the wave shawl in dove grey lace weight.
10.the pretty green wrap sweater from Big Girl Knits, in light grey.
11. ok, this could go on forever. Let's leave it at 10.

After Glascow sweater and friday Harbor socks, I am definately casting on for "super spiral" tablecloth. I also have a little more gift knitting to do - just added gift knitting. (secret Santa stuffs- shhh) The comes the DH sweater vest. i will need the lace to keep me from going bonkers during the Stockinette Stitch "excitement". I maybe should get on those gloves too... if I ever want to wear them while it is still cold!

well. Now I want to knit, and not do anything I am supposed to do today - like, oh um... work?! I supppose I must. How else would I pay for all of my yarn?

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