Friday, November 17, 2006

another one bites the dust

ok. Maybe not another WHOLE one, but another PIECE bites the dust!
I have finished a sleeve!

One more to go! I cast on last night and have finished the first increase. I didn't get very far, as the cast on takes FOREVER! I also had to fight "startitis". I really wanted to start on some fingerless mitts for me. I shouldn't even start those. I should be finishing my Christmas Knitting, as well as finishing those socks for DH. Not starting something else for me. I WILL finish the other sleeve this weekend. I can block the sweater before I go home for Thanksgiving! Maybe I can even finish the collar....
Maybe not. I have to bake a pie and do laundry and work in there too. We'll see. I would be nice to wear it for Thanksgiving. A fitting debut!

I also got a pattern from my friend Erin at SnB last night. It is based on a piece of ancient knitted fabric found on an archaeological dig. If I can figure out the directions to recreate the fabric, I think I will make this into a scarf for DH. He has many hobbies, but one of the biggest is ancient cultures. He's even writing a historical fantasy book about this era. He'll like it, I'm sure - and he'll tell everyone about how it came about when they comment on his scarf.

I must go. i have to eat. Hunger wins over blogging I guess. If anyone shows up at the Farmhouse Yarns sale this weekend, look for the girl witht the big red bag and blond hair! (That'd be me...)

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