Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I forgot my Secret Project!

I was going to reveal my Secret Costume Project on Monday, and I forget to do it! well, ok, I was sick, but I didn't do it today either!

so, with out further ado....

The last two very busy weeks have been consumed with "The Tempest". Writen by William Shakespeare, and newly adapted by Olympia Dukakis. I couldn't snap photos, but I can tell you it was crazy. The "staged reading" was fully costumed and lit. It had a sound designer and a set. sooooo not a reading. It was a script- in- hand production, with no budget. What does that mean for me? lots of work.

That's ok. I got to work with Olympia and Apollo Dukakis,Kathryn Grody, David Margulies, Louis Zorich, Stacy Ross, and Matthew Lewis - to name a few. The whole cast, and all of the directors - there were 3 - are ALL well know theatre people. The kind that you have seen a million times in every play you can think of.
I was a ton of work, but at least they left happy!

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