Thursday, August 30, 2007

The speed with which we work

Did you ever notice that when you want time to fly by, it never does? or when you pay attention to how much you have knitted, the piece never seems to grow? I know it's like the "watched pot" thing, but sheesh! I have been knitting away on my PJ top, and it was not growing at all. Suddenly, it has exploded in length. I'm not complaining, mind you, just saying. Hopefully, the momentum will stay around, and the top will finish up relatively quickly.
Ravelry is totally a giant time suck. I've been spending far more time over there than I should be. But, it's all cool. If someone knows better, please tell me, but I think I can upload a butt-load more pictures in the next two days, then my "% allowed per month" should reset in September. I'm only at 30% for this month, so I should be able to go upload crazy tomorrow.
Lastly, I need to give a shout out to Poops! She is an illustrious member of the knitty board, and RAKed me today! She sent me a skein of Koigu Kpm in a lovely Burgundy color!

I've only used this yarn once, and it was for a gift. I'm very excited to make something for me out of it! Thanks again!

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anphoe said...

Just looking at the red color of yarn, I am drooling, you know I like red, right? hahaha who doesn't know?
And Koigu yarn... man, you are so lucky. It's now 6:30pm, I think it's a bit late to ask you to bring it with you for me to pet it, but I am crossing my fingers now... See you in a few!