Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Socktopia August

OOO. We have good themes for August.
The Tide is High
Ebony and Ivory
Eye of the Tiger
Karma Chameleon
Walk Like an Egyptian
I like all of these songs except Ebony and Ivory. I do like the theme of Ebony and Ivory - just not the song. Eye of the Tiger is the theme song from one of my Favorite Movies. The Tide is High is an all time favorite sing along song. Karma Chameleon - well, what more can you say! Awesome! Walk Like an Egyptian was I and my friends' favorite song in elementary school. We even choreographed our " Grade 4 P.E. gymnastics routine" to it!
This will be very difficult this month!

I'm finished with the body of my Unmentionables! Woot! This pic is from when I started on the Waistband. I managed to truck through it during the "Reno 911" movie, "23", and the new Harry Potter Movie. We rented the first two, and saw the third in the theatre. I know some people might think it sacrilege to knit during Harry Potter, but I don't like the franchise that much. The movies are enjoyable, but I won't "JUST DIE" if I miss a second of the movie while I look down to see if all is well in my knitting. Frankly, two hours that I am not actively paying attention to knitting 200+ stitches in SS per round is a great thing - no matter what the movie is. Now to the lacy leg bits. ahhh. Finally.

I started my Pirates hat - just 'cause the boredom of the SS was killing me. Now, the hat is in SS, but at least there is color work! And, pink skulls are funny.
(insert stream of thought)
I just realized that in less than a week I went from two active projects to 4. WTH! I'm supposed to be cutting back on my WIP, not ADDING them!
I think the game plan will be, work on the Pirates hat AMAP tonight. Make sure I have all the bits I need to work on the Pettipants at SnB tomorrow. I think I can finish the hat tonight, but if I don't it's not good SnB knitting. I can finish the hat before the next MS3 clue comes out on Friday, knit the MS3 clue this weekend - taking lace breaks with the relative ease of the pettipants. As soon as I finish the hat and the MS3 clue, I'll start on my August socks. Sound good? Right. As IF I have this kind of control.
(stop stream of thought)
Well, I must go. I have to get some work done! If only I wanted to think about work, and not about knitting...

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anphoe said...

Obviously( I already know I spell it wrong), I have too much free time at work, and I have checked everyone's blog every 15 mins, That's why I am the one who always leave the first comment.
The Pirates Hat looks awesome, are you going to bring it with you to SnB tomorrow? I would love to see it in person.