Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm rockin'

As if you didn't know already. Really, thanks Phoebe! I have to pass the award along, so the following people, consider yourselves "AWARDED'!

Not too much news in knitting land. I spent a good part of the evening yesterday preparing for Friday. I did knit about an inch on my new socks. Not really exciting.
Oh, and i bought my yarn wall. Maybe DH and I can put it together tonight so I an show pictures! I can't wait to be organized!
ok. Side bar for a minute. anyone know what's up with the blogger pictures? Yesterday it did this to me to, and I thought I knew why, but evidently not. What happens is: I up load a picture to photobucket, load it onto blogger - just like always. everything is fine. The little box pops up with the done button and the picture. I click "done" and it goes back to the blog. what usually happens, is that the picture pops up in the text box. The last two days it has been the html code for the picture. I know it doesn't really matter since the picture shows up in the post, but it is irritating to me. oh, and I thought it was because I inserted the pictures yesterday into a "draft" that I saved earlier in the day. Not the case. I didn't pre-save a draft today. anyone have ideas?

SO, I thought I'd update my "to knit" list. 'cause I can, and well, I don't have much else to blog about. This list is from June 13, FYI
1. sockapooza socks - WIP *UPDATE- FINISHED
2. tomato sweater - WIP *UPDATE- FINISHED
3. DH sweater of Doom - UFO yeah. I'll get back to it
5. Bathrobe I won't shut up about
6. knit petti pants - *UPDATE- WIP, ready to do lace edging
7. shirt for with knit pettipants - *UPDATE - found a pattern
8. elbow length gloves in cashmere for me
9. rayon table cloth - OMG! This yarn might work for Coachella! bad bad bad
10. log cabin bathroom rug
let's stop at 10. I don't keep a written list anywhere. I just put down the first 10 patterns that pop in my head. Obviously, they are the 10 I most want to make. or at least the 10 my wanderlust brain is centered on today.
I guess I can update!
1.DH sweater of Doom - UFO yeah. I'll get back to it
3.Bathrobe I won't shut up about
4.knit petti pants - WIP, ready to do lace edging
5.shirt for with knit pettipants
6.elbow length gloves in cashmere for me
7.rayon table cloth
8.Lace something form Victorian Lace Today for my Aunt Helen
9.August Socktopia Socks - WIP!
10.DH's Syncopation Hat
I took the bathmat off the list. i do still want to knit one, but since I have new bathmats from my Mom's last visit, this is less pressing. I also notice that I never even got the Shaped Lace Tee, Pirates hat, 1st syncopation hat, or the July Socks on the list. They managed to circumvent it completely.
Will I stick to the list? Right. You know me better than that.


acambras said...

My posted pics have always shown up in my drafts as html code. I thought that was how it was supposed to be, what with Blogger being such a pain in the patootie and all (patootie is a high-falutin' anatomical term -- ask any doctor). I also notice when I use Safari (on the Mac at work), my formatting options are very limited. :-(

Lots of stuff on your list! Rock on!


Jen said...

Thank you, costumechick! I feel honored.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from you sock pal... Just a quick note to let you know you socks were sent out today. I got stranded in the Philadelphia airport due to "weather" so I sent them as soon as I got back. Got to love air travel these days!