Tuesday, August 14, 2007

you wouldn't think

You wouldn't think I'd be persuaded by yarn sales. "you have enough yarn, don't you?" umm. no. Evidently, not nearly enough.
An online yarn store was going out of business, so I took advantage.

I bought three more pairs worth of sock yarn. (kinds I haven't tried, so I can count it as research, right?)Two colors of Reynolds Sea Wool, and one colorway of Panda Cotton. The panda cotton is called "chocolate almond" - how could I resist that name? I also picked up some more lace weight yarn. Karabella Lace weight Mohair. I love half off sales. :)
I'm still working on the lace edging on the petti-pants. When will it end?! I do like doing it, but I think the leg is growing. Seriously. The needle is not getting any more empty! Conspiracy I tell you.
I didn't get much knitting done last night. I am kind of disappointed about it, too. We went to IKEA after work - well, that explains it right there, doesn't it? anyway, we were out to buy our bed.
You wouldn't think I would be dumb enought to assume I could just "go uy my bed", would you? The computer said they have them in stock, but they are nowhere to be found in the warehouse. ok.....? They have a "missing pallet". Could we just call tomorrow and see if they have them? No problem. We only live 10 minutes away. After leaving, DH and I got to discussing this. People regularly drive to this IKEA from Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Why did the wearhouse person assume we could come back tomorrow? What if we had checked the inventory, rented/borrowed a truck, drove an hour, then found out they "lost a pallet"? I would have been so pissed off! She didn't even ask us if we minded waiting for a few minutes so she could find a supervisor or stock person to look for the missing items. We would have waited for a little bit. ugh. I really like this bed! So I called today. I told the real person I eventually got to speak with about the problem. She told me, "the computer says we have them." I know. But they weren't there last night. Can someone go and check they are in the bin, before I come there to buy it? hold on...
"i can't get anyone in bedding"
"well, I just need someone to look in the WAREHOUSE, not the bedding department"
"I'll try again."
"No one is picking up in bedding."
ok. fine. I will just come over and look myself.
I decided to look at getting it online instead. I wouldn't have it until next week, but, at this rate, at least I won't murder someone in the process.
click click click.
Ok, let's checkout. ok must enter shipping info before I can see how much delivery charge we are talking about. click click click.
WAIT, WHAAT! MY ORDER IS CONFIRMED?! How the Hell did that happen?! I didn't enter any credit card info. I was just trying to see how much the shipping is!
"you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 12 hours. you must cancel orders with in 24 hours for a refund"
open email! OPEN! "System Error has occurred" "computer will self destruct in 3 seconds." (ok that was an exaggeration)
Shut down the computer, start her back up.
open e-mail. "system was not shut down properly, doing absurdly long scanny thing"
ok. IKEA confirmation e-mail in inbox. (at this point I am kinda hoping they farted it up, and I get it for free) "no credit card info was provided. A representative will contact you with in 12 hours to confirm order."
great. now I get to be the jack ass that says, "what?! $60 to ship it! No way! I'll just go buy it at the store!"
I need to go pet some yarn.


jennsquared said...

Man! What online store was it?

I feel your pain about the IKEA. At least the stuff we buy are usually there...

costumechick said...

I went to IKEA online. Same store, same crap.

acambras said...

If you go to consumerist.com, you'll find a million posts from people that dealt with the same thing. Sometimes an item's in stock, but it's way up high and they refuse to get it down. I like their products -- love their prices -- but their inventory system is dismal.

Jen said...

Pretty yarn. I too would love to know what store. (Fingers crossed) everytime I've wanted something at IKEA I have been fortunate to find it. I wish you luck with getting your bed, costumechick.

Erin said...

Sorry for the Ikea woes. When it works, it's great. When it doesn't, well.... The first time I went to an Ikea I lived in Delaware. Drove into Pennsylvania to get some bookcases. Got them home and discovered half the screws weren't there. Drove back to IKEA, and they didn't have any extras (or at least they wouldn't let me have any.) Arrgh.... At least there's yarn to pet. It helps take the edge off.