Monday, August 27, 2007

New and Exciting Adventures

So I am now part of a new and exciting adventure. well, actually 2 new and exciting adventures.
1. My Ravelry invite came today!! I've started loading projects and yarn, and omg. SO much stuff to do! and play with! I really need to get that laptop so I can work on this at home. I am not going to be able to load my stash and projects into Ravelry on my down time at work. Good excuse to get the computer, no?
My name is Costumechick over there too. Stop by and say "hi"!
2. I joined the "Secret of the Stole" yahoo group. It's another mystery stole! This one starts in October. Plenty of time to finish off the MS3. The host is limiting membership, so sign up early if you want to join the Lacy fun! The only thing we know so far is the start date, and that the stole is in lace weight! Yay!
In other news, I finished up the Unmentionables. I have cast on for the shirt - 3 times. You know how it is when you're winging it! I think I've got it down now! I am going to post pictures tomorrow, but for now you just get to imagine.
close your eyes...
Don't close your eyes! How are you supposed to read with your eyes closed?
close your eyes, most of the way....
Imagine this: co 68 stitches for the front. knit in 2x2 rib for 3 rows. do an eyelet row. knit 3 more rows of 2x2 rib. switch to stockinette. knit until piece is 3". Cut yarn. repeat for back. Now, knit across back, cast on 6 sts, knit across front, co 6 st. join. work in the round until as long as I want. (No more than until I have only 1/2 skein of yarn left) Knit edging as for Unmentionables. Tada! The eyelets will have cord run through, then up and over the shoulders - making straps. The whole business will tie in front.
Ok. Open your eyes again.
Will it work? I hope so! I'm only on the 2x2 rib in the back. Cross your fingers!
I've gotten a bunch of requests- including two e-mails- for my WLAE socks. I've never done such a thing. I'm going to work on this, but I want some opinions. Is it better for me to write out the whole pattern, or just publish the stranding chart with a stitchcount? I just used my plain ole' sock and instered the colorwork. How would everyone feel about this?


Karen said...

1. I friended you at Ravelry.
2. I posted the Secret of the Stole to the Stitch 'n Bitch New Haven Yahoo Group. And joined. This is my chance to redeem myself after dropped out of Mystery Stole 3.

jennsquared said...

Wooo I joined too! Now we just gotta get those orders in to Sarah's :)

anphoe said...

I want to say the same thing as Karen, though I didn't drop out of MS3 yet.

KnelleyBelley said...

Only 552 people ahead of me now at Ravelry. I hope to join you soon!

Your plan for the shirt to go with your unmentionables sounds great. I like the eyelets with the cord running through.

As far as the sock pattern goes, if it was me trying to knit it, I'd want the whole shebang pattern. But that's just me. I'm sure I could figure it out with my normal sock-making pattern and your chart with stitch count.