Friday, August 03, 2007

I can't believe it.

I forgot to take pictures of the sock yarn I bought yesterday. It was two kinds I've never even heard of before, and I was so excited to share them. Pre-coffee blur strikes again. oh well. Monday, I guess.
I shipped my Sockapalooza 4 socks off yesterday. I'm so excited for my pal to get them. I really hope she likes them! I asked her to take a picture of her in them for the blog. Cross your fingers!
Incidentally, I'm excited to not have to type the word "Sockapalooza" too many more times. Spell check really hates that word.
The new MS3 clue is out! OMG! I has a wing! It sooo cool. and a bit of a challenge. I'm all shaky with anticipation! Why can't work be over faster? I want to go home and knit! (True, I always feel this way, but it is a bit heightened today)

My Pettipants, also known as sleepin' shorts, are coming along. S l o w l y. I was all excited about being done with the SS. I really should have read further in the pattern. I still have 5" of it to go. Fart. I think I need to go to the beach this weekend, or rent some more movies. Oh, and I did the crochet cast on wrong. I had to cut it out, instead of "unzipping" it. Someday I will do this right. Every once in a while I do it perfect and ZIP- out it comes. I don't know what I do wrong the other times. I keep trying it, instead of the provisional cast on I really like, because I can't stand that there is something I can't do. It's one thing if you can do it, but choose not to. I WILL get it right!
That was a window into my brain ya'll probably didn't need.

The Pirates hat is mostly finished. It, unfortunately, also has a crochet cast on. I am a bit hesitant to try and unzip it after the pettipant disaster. It's also just a wee bit too small in length. Instead of the faced edge the pattern calls for, I think I am going to do a ribbed edge in just the black. It shouldn't take more than an hour or two to finish this up. I'm hoping to knock it off this weekend - providing I can put down the MS3!
It was great ot be back at SnB last night. I'm sad I missed Erin's last Thursday - she's now in NYC attending Grad school - but I hope to still see her now and again. Phoebe is going to start her new semester soon, and the University people, for some crazy reason, scheduled a class she needs on Thursday night! How dare they! I will need to start SnBing on multiple days so I can visit with her. We had two new people last night. They were really fun. I hope we didn't scar them for life, and they will come back! I just realized I was going to list what is going on in every body's life - not really why I started typing this train of thought. My point was going to e the end of summer. It seams to happen every year in August and May. SnB, and frankly every club I've ever belonged to, has a turn over during those months. Right now, people are going off to school, or new jobs, new people are moving to the area. Kids are getting ready to head off to grammar school and Mom's get a bit more time to themselves - if they are lucky. The world always seams to flux in August and May. I like it. New people, new adventures. :)
'till Monday!


glittrgirl said...

Your pirates hat looks a lot like mine! I made mine with pink skulls too......LOOKIE!

anphoe said...

You didn't scar my friend Carolina and her mother. haha :D They had a lot of fun, she told me this morning. And she is looking forward to come again next Thursday.
Thanks for the sweets you brought last night. I loved the banana one, I wished I could have taken more of it from Kelly hehe....
Thanks for reminding me about the clue 5 of MS3, I totally forgot about it due to my non-stop clue 4 knitting. I am going to download it now, ACTION!

KnelleyBelley said...

Now I want to learn the crochet cast on! Thanks for your comment on my post about a way to tackle my sock issue. You're full of knowledge!

Erin said...

I missed all of you guys last night too! I'm going to try and show up sometime this month -- lets all hope I pass my French exam so I have evenings free. I'm excited about the MS3, too. I'll have to knit like the wind to keep up with you and Phoebe. P.S. Wish I could see the sleepin' shorts in person.

Jen said...

I love that hat pattern! It was even better looking in person.