Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Swan Lake

I blocked my beautiful MS3, "Swan Lake", last night. I love blocking. Sure, it may take forever, but it is so worth it. OMG. The lace opens up, the yarn looks so delicate. Drool.

I got my Assistant, Lesley, to model for me. I had big plans to get some shots of my handiwork, but it is, of course raining. I couldn't wait, so I took some pics anyway. I'm sure if you want to see better pictures than mine, you can surf the MS3 ring and find some. Blasted rain.
so, without further ado....

Lesley is a card, as you can tell. She was doing her best "America's Next Top Model" impression. I think you get the idea.
The stats:
Pattern: "Swan Lake", aka MS3 by Melanie of Pinklemontwist.blogspot
Yarn: WEBS, Valley Yarn Alpaca Silk Lace weight, about 1/3 skein
Needles: KP options, size 4
Started: Friday, June 29
Finished: Sunday, August 19
Dimensions: 76" x 20"

Notes: I LOVE the wing. You cannot believe how cool it looks in person. The wing just drapes around the shoulder like, well, I don't know what. Costumers love Bias, and this is why. The wing is just meant to flow over the shoulder. Also, It looks awesome hanging straight down, and not flung over. The "row of Yo's" that everyone is worried about is not even an issue when you see it on. Seriously, It's almost like a shoulder seam in sweater, you don't even notice it, and if you do, it's not unexpected. I know that sounds weird, but you have to trust me, once it is around a body, the "seam" is a non-issue. Let me say again how much I love the WEBS Alpaca Silk lace weight. and my KP. Nothing about this project put me off. Big happy faces all around.
Finally, the picture of Lesley doing her "school photo day" pose.

Next non-rainy day, I'm taking better pictures.


aj said...


Soo said...

Really gorgeous! If your mate doesn't get a modelling contract out of this I'll be amazed!

Holly said...

It's really stunning; you did a great job with it, and I love your color!

Sunflowerfairy said...


Ok. I'm inspired to finish, instead of putting my ms3 on hold- or worse, frogging it.

It looks stunning. You did beautiful work on this, Val. Be proud.

jennsquared said...

That is absolutely beautiful! So glad I am doing the wing too instead of doing the double of first half! :) I better get my gear on and finish it up!

Nikki said...

This. . . is . . . PERFECT!

anphoe said...

Breath-taking!! (I believe no one has used this word yet)
I can't wait to see it in person. And I should keep knitting mine too.

KnelleyBelley said...

Magnificent! (Another new adjective) I love it! Please bring it to SnB so we can drool over it in person.

Kelly said...

Wow, it's beautiful! And you know lace and shawly things are not my style, and I *still* love it! You did just gorgeous work, Val!

Siercia said...

Wow, that is just gorgeous!

I'm coming up now on almost being ready to start the wing, so it is doubly awesome to see one that is already finished.

jpknits said...


And how geeky is it that I was briefly distracted by your organized environment. Are you in charge of the organizational stuff, or did you inherit it. If you made tidiness out of chaos, we're going to have to talk.

Erin said...

Absolutely lovely! Now that I've seen the finished version I've got to get moving on mine -- I hope it turns out half as nice!