Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How often can you say...

"My brother bought a firetruck?"
I can now say it often. 'cause my brother did. A real life firetruck. He lives in PA, but the truck is in East Haven, of all places. He is coming on Friday to pick it up. I get to see my Brother on Friday, and ride in a firetruck! I hope he comes to the early enough that he can swing by the theatre in it. No, I don't know what he is going to do with it. He has lots of ideas....
I will get a picture on the firetruck, knitting. I promise.
I hope I also get to say, at some point, "I'll get my brother to bring his firetruck." sweet.
FYI, this is the brother that does the Elvis Impersonation. man oh man! Elvis on a Firetruck!
eh hem. back to your regularly scheduled knitting.
I did remember to take pictures of my new sock yarn!

First up is Dream In Color "Smooshy". hehe. smooshy. It really is smooshy, and I must say, I cannot wait to knit it up.
then, to continue on my pink binge, I bought two skeins of "Maizy".

It's made from corn. Yep corn. It doesn't smell like corn, but it is so silky. It really feels like silk. I am really starting up a collection of "exotic" yarn. I need to get knitting!

Also as promised, a picture of the completed "We call them Pirates" hat. It is too small, well, it fits if my hair is down, but not if I have it up. Since I wear my hair up 9/10ths of the time, this is a problem. poop. well, I think I will try again, after I knit a few other things.
My August "Egyptian" socks are coming along nicely.

Do they look like people walking like an Egyptian to you? DH was not convincing when I asked him last night.
One more row to go of SS on the sleepin' shorts!!!! Then it's all about the edging!
I have a feeling I'm going to miss out on the ten bucks though. Since the brother bought the firetruck, and at least my Mom is coming with him to pick it up, you know I'm going to have people over to my house for at least a little bit. SO, I need to clean, and ummm make more progress on the office than was made the last time my family was here- IN JULY! I suppose it is the "finish unpacking, lazy!" kick in the pants I need, but it will cut into my knitting time!
Anphoe commented yesterday that I should have gone to SnB on Sunday, instead of knitting by myself, literally, around the corner. I know that SnB was going on. I was fully intending to knit for an hour at Koffee, Too, then go over to SnB. well, I was merrily finishing my hat, realized it was already 1/2 hour into SnB, and, well, said, "screw it." I was comfy -seated in a big leather couch - and hadn't even drank most of my drink. I think I was feeling a bit antisocial as well. SO, if you are going to go next Sunday, Anphoe, I will be be there. I promise. You might have to walk around the corner and knock on the window so I know I need to pack up, and don't lose track of time, but I will go.
I was over visiting Knellybelly's blog, and I saw her "Simpsonized" portrait, and felt I should share mine as well. I did this a little bit ago, and wow is it fun. And oddly acurate....


KnelleyBelley said...

Costumechick Simpson is lovely!

I covet your Smooshy. It looks so pretty. Will you bring it on Thursday so we can feel it? I'd love to see it up close before I order any.

Your brother will be the envy of boys everywhere!

Anne said...

Yeah, how many chicks is he gonna pick up with a freakin' FIRE TRUCK? ;-)

(Insert perverted fire hose joke here)

Jen said...

Wow! That does look alot like you!

Yes, You're right. Not many people can say my brother has a fire truck. That is really cool!

Kelly said...

I *love* your pink sock yarn!! And those Egyptian socks are amazing!!! I'd definitely knit those! Sorry about your hat. It's adorable though, and that's saying something cause I'm not into pirates!