Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stop me before I join something else!

DH started a kntting movement. Lacevember has taken off, ven to the point of having a blog.

Of course I joined. Don't be silly.

Clicky on the "Lacevember!" on the side bar to check out the blog. It isn't much yet, but I'm sure the hosts will have it looking spectacular soon! I got a few pm's expressing their toughts on why I should host. Well, thanks everybody, but no way. I barely know how to make this blog work, let alone host anoter one. Let us let that up to the technically aware.

I also updated my sidebar to include a "socktober" link. TADA! (Like I said, I can barely keep this sad blog going...) It only took me until nearly the entire event was over.

I am on the heel of sock #1 of Socktoberfest Pair #3, the trekking Jaywalkers. Woo! I hope to finish a good amount tonight while at my friend's place. We are watching the Project Runway Finale. I don't have cable, and I am really missing out with this show. EVERYBODY in my field watches this show. I had to catch up. Ahh marathon tv watching. Iam now totally up to date, and super excited to find out who comes out on top, and what becomes of the sewing scandal.

I sent the RPM's off to their recipient, "Princess Evangaline". Hopefully she will love her "custom royal foot coverings". I suspect she will. (grin)

That is it for now. I have a fitting coming in, and a fur hat to make. The fun never ends!

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Anne said...

OOH! Ya know I haven't done any lace stuff yet -- lacevember might be a good time to start, if I can get some other stuff finished first. I am halfway through the 2nd of the bosses' Christmas scarves (knit the anger, purl the rage), and I still have 2 baby blankets to knit and take to Mexico by Christmas.

BTW, Oscar's brother's Big Fat Mexican Wedding was a blast - those folks party like ROCK STARS! I've set up a blog to post the photos --

I won't be at S&B tonight -- I have a work thing. Hopefully I'll see you next week. If you're going to Rhinebeck, have a great time. Well, have a great weekend either way!