Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Socktberfest, how do I love thee?

I love thee because thou art inspiring;
I love thee because thou art useful;
and I love thee beacuse thou art pretty.

Visions of Socks dance in my head as socktoberfest starts to wind to a close. I'm excited to move onto Lacevember, as I have three more lace scarves to finish for Christmas, but frankly, I am not ready for October to be over. I love this month. It is the last bit of warm, the last bit of green, and the last bit of dry feet for a long, long time. I love the pretty fall colors, but it somehow harkens the sad greys of Winter. I look forward to the bright spring greens a lot more. I'm not ready for the yicky slush yet.

In that spirit, I have one more Socktoberfest pair of Socks left to do. I am finishing the toe on my second Jaywalker right now, (so pics tomorrow!) and am ready to make my Mom a pair of Pedicure Socks - a pattern from the Knitty.com archives. My Mom is a Mani and Pedi princess, so I am making matching Pedicure Socks, and Manicure mitts. In purple, of course, as it is her royal highnesses favorite color.

The yarn is (deep breath) Red Heart Soft Yarn. I can hardly even type it. I decided to use acrylic because I don't want her to worry about washing them, and this yarn is pretty nice. Well, for acrylic. The plus side, this project will go fast - it is worsted weight. I will only have to briefly play with the Red Heart.

let's move on to other things...
I had a S.E.X. trip yesterday. I went to fabric place (WHY MUST YOU CLOSE!) and got some nice 40% off yarn. 3 skeins of100% black angora for ME - I'm making a neck cozy thingy (drool); 2 skeins of sport weight wool, filitura dicrosa zara in a gorgeous bright turqoise - I think this will be gloves for my Grandma; and lastly a needle case - for which I payed$3. $3! It had no tag, so the cashier just made up a price. I wasn't going to argue....

THEN I went to Sit n' Knit, in West Hartford. I love Sit n' Knit. It is really hard not to go crazy in there. Yes, I bought more Misti Alpaca Lace Weight. But it's a color I don't have! Pretty coffee colored yarn. Do I know what it will be? .....no. Of couse not. But I have enough for a triangle shawl.

THEN I went to Borders. I used my Personal shopping day. I got a Chai and the Interweave Knits Christmas Gift special issue. Pretty cool issue, I must say. DH got a magazine and a CD. Oh yea. He was along with me.

THEN we went to Red Lobster. Let me explain. I love Red Lobster. I LOVE Crab legs. In my sad poor person world, Red Lobster was THE fancy place to eat. Where I live now, great individually owed restraunts are everywhere. 4 and 5 star places. We still go to red Lobster. I will be rich and famous some day, and still go to the RL. That is just the way it is.

On another RL note, I read a quote on "Overheard in New York". "My man's got to give me roses, and bling, and take me fancy places like Red Lobster."

sweet. It is all I ask for in life.

Today, I went to an antique store. That is not unusual. I love them in an unnatural way. But I got quite a haul. I got a bowler hat for $7, a 1960's cashmere coat with fur collar and cuffs for $95, and for One measly dollar, I got this:

It has 60 (!) patterns in it! Perfect comdition, no missing or creased pages! Aw yea! Socktoberfest is working for me!

Finally, here is a Picture of the show I opened on Friday:

A staged reading of "Franklin in Love", a new play by an up and coming playwright. I wish I had gotten better pictures, but I had to sit in the balcony. Overall, a very rewarding experience, for which I recieved much praise. Can't beat that!


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anphoe said...

I love Red Loster too, but is the closest one in Danbury? too far!! If you got famous, please still remember me, haha... Glad the show did well and you got much praise, happy for you. See you tomorrow.