Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Bat Scarf

Pictures of the next Christmas gift! Stand in amazement everyone!

Presenting the world's crappiest pictures of "The Bat Scarf"

It is knit in Classic Silk - black, on size 6 needles. I used Barbara Walker's CHart from her third book of patterns.

Basically, I CO 39 stiches, k 5 rows. Keep 3 stitches in Garter as edges.
Follow chart for bat.
Knit "spacer lace" 7 times. (row 1: K6, (ssk, yo, k1, yo, K2tog, k3) 3 times, k3. row 2: purl)
Follow CHart for Bat
Knit spacer lace 15 times
Follow Chart for Bat
Knit spacer lace forever - about 50 times
knit 10 rows in stockingette
knit spacer lace 25 times
knit 7 rows of stockingette - end with a knit row - do not BO, break yarn

CO 39 stitches, k 5 rows
keeping selvedges, follow chart for bat
knit 7 reps of spacer lace
knit 10 rows of stockingette
knit 15 rows of spacer lace
knit 1 row - do not BO!! Kitcher the two sides together.


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Kirsten said...

I love it! Fun, fun, fun!