Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm a joiner

Ha! That's funny. Ok maybe not to those whodon't know what a "joiner" is. Go look up the traditional occupation of a "joiner" if you don't know. I suppose it's not funny if ou don't know me well either. oh well.

I am a blog joiner though! I'm now officially a member of Socktoberfest. I wasn't going to join, but then thought - "What the hell." I'll do it. I'm not going to get many done this month, but that is ok. My goal is to knit a few pattterns that have been calling to me - mostly lace ones. I'm almost finished with the Elfine's I started EON'S ago. I just have been super crazy with work. Too much to do! I am modifing the cuff from a garterstitch to a ribbed, but overall, I've knit pretty much what is written.

On the work front - I am doing my normal job, hectic enough, but I've also taken on a few design jobs - kewl - extra money. The bad thing is that they are all on top of each other. The one performs at the end of October, the next in the beginning of December, the last is the end of December. Not bad, but very little time for knitting!! I'm going through withdrawl!
I was goig to say that I should be able to crank through the cuff of the second Elfine tonight - but that is so not going to happen. I have to pattern and cut two 1770's French gowns tonight. err. Crap. That means that I will be building tommorrow night. Thursday is SnB - good built in knitting time. Unfortunately, I end up helping others and really don't get much knitting done. Friday is fittings in the evening. Saturday I'm headed into the city for shopping and maybe a fitting for my lead actor.
Maybe I need to get up an hour early to get my "fix". Like that'll happen.

On the plus side, I finished anoter christmas gift on SUnday night. It is blocking now, but I hope to take photos this afternoon. go me! Only 2 more to go!

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