Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Socktoberfest Pair #3!!!!

Pair #3 is finished, and ready to wear. Who Hoo! I'm calling them the Ocean City Jaywalkers, after the location I bought the yarn.
Someone is going to ask the color # of this yarn. I don't know. I thought I had put it in a previous post, but I didn't. And I took the ball band out of my bag, so tough luck.
As you can see, I didn't even try to match the stripes. I don't think it's possible, and I like them this way.

I like this shot. It makes me feel artsy.

So I am on to pair #4 of Socktoberfest fun. I've been inspired by to make a pair of Pedicure Socks for my Mom. The ones on the web site are very cute, but not really her. She's not a stripey kind of girl. I am making them with a ribbed cuff, shortrow heel, and princess foot - afterall my Mom is Princess Theodora. She'll get a kick out of the "Princess foot".

All please feel free to oooh amd ahhh over the inside of my Pedi Sock, with it's transistion to the Princess foot.
I am also making companion Manicure Mitts. A little Mani/Pedi set as a side gift = happy mom. I should be finished with the Pedi socks by the end of Socktoberfest, but I'm not sure about the Mnai mitts - maybe. It depends on how much I get to knit this weekend. I want to try to go to MA to the spinning fiber festival thingy, and I'd like to go to the Farmhouse Yarns Sale. I'll be really busy I think.... buying yarn..... (evil grin)

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