Tuesday, August 22, 2006

swallowtail pictures!

Yea! I go the pics to load!
Without further ado..... Rebecca's Wedding Swallowtail!
Designed by Evellyn Clark
Pattern found in Interweave Knits Fall '06
Yarn is Knitpicks Bare, lace weight Merino
Needles are knitpicks Options, size us4

Detail of the main body
Detail of the Lilly of the Valley border and Peaked edging. Those nups are a little PITA.
And finally, the Bride at her dress fitting. Not the est pic of the shawl, but she was trying to see the total effect, while we were holding the bodice together. It was like a circus.

Hopefully tomorrow the Mystery socks will be complete!


bradyphrenia said...

ooh it looks gorgeous! and completed so fast! great job.

Doreen said...

Its really beautiful in white. Good work.

Lazuli said...

The Swallowtail is gorgeous and looks perfect for a bride! Nice work!