Monday, August 28, 2006

Half of Mystery Sock, Pair #2!

I finished the first sock I am knitting in exchange for hand forged needles from Celtic Swan Forge. I used to knitting long footed socks for DH, but not such long cuffs.

These are Ruth Gerstner's Smocked socks. (Although she calls them the "sock pattern, sort of") I have decided that since she recommends choosing your favorite foot, heel, and toe method, that I would choose toe up. The recipient of these lovelies want them as long as possible, so toe up is the way to go! I am using Addi size 2 needles, and Gedifra Fashion Trend Sportivo, color 5769. It is a varigated yarn that has two khaki strands twisted with a varigated strand that goes from blue to green to grey, to purple - very slowly. It's like a "fade in and out" - as my husband said.


KarenK said...

Cool pattern stitch! I like the way it looks with that variegated yarn. Nice job.

Stacey said...

Nice! I'm doing a smocked sweater and really liking it - I may have to try these!

aija said...

That looks awesome! (I half wish I hadn't seen them, thats a great pattern to knit! Maybe I will will myself to forget what they look like!) :)