Thursday, August 17, 2006

the Rest of the PrOn and some Swallowtail Action!

Here are the rejected photos from earlier.

ahh. so much yarn. I need to stop by Ikea tonight to pick up a new container to hold all of my new yarn. I was already overflowing! I think it might be time for a yarn diet....

How about some actual knitting?
I didn't *quite* finish my Mystery Stole. I am 4 edging repeats from being finished. But, my yarn arrived for the swallowtail shawl, and since that has to be completed for a dedline, I had to stop and work on that. Also on hold until the swallowtial is completed :the mystery socks. Must finish something! Too many projects! ALL LACE ! Must stop dreaming of lace! I am through 12 reps of Chart 2. Only 2 to go before I switch to the Lilly of the Valley Section!
And with a little tug.

I was concerned that it wasn't looking delicate enough for a wedding, but then I gave it a little tug and a little stretch. I think it will open up nicely. (Keep you fingers crossed! And don't tell the bride I said that.)

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Sarah said...

Your swallowtail looks great. She's going to love it.