Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mystery Stole Clue #4!

So I finished Clue #4 on Monday Night. I got a slow start, since I was away until Saturday Evening, but Dave printed out the clue at work so I could start it when he got home. Such a nice husband. I pinned the increasingly giant stole to my bulliten board at work. So, no natural lighting, and the one side is squished because the needle is too short to stretch the piece flat - BUT you get the idea.

As far as an estimate of size, I'd say it is about 50" x 24", unstretched. I do love this yarn and the pattern thus far. Dealing with two balls of yarn is a little irritating at times, but I haven't let it get me down!

Now on to the yarn....

The Trekking is from the begiing of my Vacation. I went to A little Yarn Shop in Ocean City New Jersey called the Knitting Niche. The owner was very nice and she had quite a selectuion for as tiny as the store was. She was out of size one needles, but offered to lend me her personal pair if I needed them. I didn't really, I was just going to pick up another pair. My Youngest Brother rode bikes with me to the shop. He was totally bored waiting for me to look around -but he did enjoy the rocking chair he was sitting in. The owner even comented about how nice he wasto come with me and wait for me. Yea. He's a sweet kid.
The Wildefoot is from Knotty Girl in Fairfield, CT. I stoped there on my way home. Traffic was SO backed up on the highway that I decided to call information for the # of Knotty Girl. They were open, so I swung by. The store is a little far from my home, but it is a good stop to make if I am that direction. Knotty Girl is truely a great store. Lots of different kinds of yarn, and lots of different $$ of yarn. I've never tried Wildefoot, so I bought some!

Well, I am too hot to continue, so that is all for now.

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MaryAnn said...

It is turning out beautiful, love the colors. Just wish mine was that far along.
Great job!