Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Mystery Socks are a mystery no more!

I seem to be on a roll this week! I finished yet another UFO! Granted, I only started these socks a few weeks ago, but usually work pretty solid on a project before I start another. It feels so good to have these completed!

Stats: Viv's Lacey Socks from Knitlist
Knit for the Mystery Sock KAL
Wildefoot yarn, Addi size 1 needles.
Size 6.5 us foot - 25 repeats of the lace pattern from cuff to toe - 12 on leg, 13 on foot.

Wow. My pictures of the first sock are better than these. oh well. Overcast day and quick pics before a meeting get you crappy photos.

These were a lot of fun to knit. I think I might do another Mystery Pair before the KAL is over!

Next on the needles:
Finish up my Soy silk scarf - Christmas present, 3/4 finished
Socks for the lovely woman at Celtic Swan Forge - which I am trading her for some hand forged sock needles.
The Elvis Wig!!!
A Shawl for Vangi - maybe Kiri?


Bridget said...

Your socks look great! A pattern which deserves to be brought back from 'no picture obscurity'! :)

Me said...

very pretty socks!

bradyphrenia said...

those are gorgeous socks.

and you know, for lace, i could see them being tough enough for a man. i say go for it!

merry said...
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merry said...
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merry said...

Very beautiful colors in the socks! GREAT JOB!
If DH wants color, the redwood forest, merino at KnitPicks is WONDERFUL!

Sarah said...

Beautiful socks- the pattern and yarn go really well together.