Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Days off

Summer is so weird. I have so many vacation days to take in the summer - not that I'm complaining about how many vacation days i have - I'm hardly at work. Since DH and I do not have Internet at home, I really on my lunch and breaks to post on my blog. Since I haven't been at work too often, I haven't been posting too often. It's sad really.
I had a great time with my parents this weekend, although I was ready to see them go on Sunday. My mom especially, gets a "great idea" about decorating, then she finally leaves and you have none of the furniture you started the weekend with. ok. I'm exaggerating. In reality, I asked to borrow her carpet steamer to clean my living room furniture. When she left, I had cleaned furniture, slip covers, new pillows and blankets for the couch, a new rug in the living room, matching covered dining room chairs, new rugs in the bathroom, new sheets, replaced knobs on the hall closet, and replaced screen in the sliding glass door. It's good it was only 3 days. If she was here a week I'd have an addition on my condo.
Because of the "renovations", I didn't get to start on my Mystery Stole until Saturday Night! I cannot tell you how hard it was to wait. I finally cast on at around midnight, and promptly did the first chart. I forced myself to go to bed. Sunday yielded little progress, although there was some - it was filled with recovering my dining room chairs and replacing my screen door screen. Yesterday I finished clue #1! OMG I LOVE I SO FAR!!!
It isn't pinned out very well. Push pins do not stay in the couch cushions at all.

This is the border

The center motif is taking shape too.

You can hardly see my beads, as they match really well. It's ok though, I like them IRL. I am using a slightly larger beads than the designer, Melanie, calls for in the pattern. I was a tad concerned about it going in, but I actually like the size of them now. You'd never even know they were a a bit bigger unless you held them up to the smaller ones. Over all, a very good clue #1.

Since I had a day off, with no parents, and no moving to do (!) I decided to go shopping yesterday. "for what?", you may ask. "Why yarn of course!" Don't be silly.
At Dagmar's I picked up some sock yarn.

I have an itch to do some more color stranding, and thought the Kroy would work well. The bright blue was too much to resist.
Then I went off to Saybrook Yarn, and bought some of their clearance bags!

Two full bags of Cascade Pima Tencel. One in red and the other in purple. I think I have a plan for the red......


monica said...

your mom sounds like my mom... a quick stop at Walmart the other day so she could pick up a toothbrush (or some other small, unimportant item) resulted in new bathroom decor for me... 4 new bath towels, 4 new hand towels, a new bath mat, shower curtain, hooks, and a towel rack. yes, the bathroom looks nice :)

acambras said...

Costumechick and Monica: Please send your mothers over to my place!!!

The stole looks really nice so far!


Erin said...

Glad you're getting settled in. I think the initial parental visit is one of the nicest parts of moving. I always end up with new things for my apartment and my dad always fixes all the things that he thinks need help. :)

The stole looks great so far. I am still working on mine (big surprise there :) )

anphoe said...

I was actually appreicated my in-laws came over to help decorating and fixing the house before I moved in to Andrew's house. Since I didn't know how american house should look like, if I do the decor, my house would definitely look weird.
I still haven't started my MS yet. I have the pattern, the yarn, and the beads with me, but I just haven't had time to knit... oh well. Yours looks very pretty, it makes me jealous.
Hola from Fargo