Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a vacation update

So far so good! We're having tons of fun. I cannot upload pictures now, as I don't have my cable, but I will in the future. I promise! I'm getting lots of knitting done, along with tanning and visiting with my family.
The f\unniest thing that happened so far was today during jet skiing. When you go jet skiing, you have towatch a safety video. We all have watched it a million times - like everytime we have ever went. This year, the rental place bought a new video. Aside from the fact that the new video is missing the 1980's "saved by the Bell" graphics, the video was pretty much the same. Until you got to the part where the voice over talked about falling off the jet ski.
All I have to say about it right now is, the video included the line, "riders must wear regulation wet suits, as bathing suits will not provide adiquate protection from accidental forced water entry into the anus or vagina."


anphoe said...

I am glad you are having fun. Jet skiing... I want to try it someday!

KnelleyBelley said...

Oh my! I certainly hope you wore your regulation wet suit. Accidental forced water entry wouldn't be a lovely vacation memory.

acambras said...

Yow -- that certainly sounds like it could be unpleasant. ;-)

When we were in Acapulco, we just found some guy who rented us a waverunner for 100 pesos (about $10). No safety video, and certainly no mention of orifices. Unless they used some sort of euphemistic Mexican slang (a la chaqueta) that I didn't pick up on. But I think they just handed us the keys.

Of course that's also the place where the equivalent of $20 would get you an hour of scuba diving and a "lesson" (i.e., "put this thing in your mouth and breathe").

Can you imagine what was going through the video narrator's head when he first read through the script?

Jen said...

Ok, That sounds both nasty and extremely uncomfortable. Hope you're having a great vacation visiting your family. See you at SnB!