Monday, July 16, 2007

New Things

"New things" can have a lot of different meanings. I could be talking about buying a new book - completely possible for me. I could be talking about new yarn - also possible, but I'm trying to restrain myself. I could be trying new food, or a new store. Right now I have a lot of "new" in my life. A new apartment, a new path to work, new people to hire, new plays to read, new furniture to buy. It seams only fitting that I recognise all this "new" in my knitting as well. (All right, it's my justification. ok?!)
I finished up the NEW Clue #3 on the Mystery Stole 3.

I like the contrast of the sharp "diamond-y" parts with the softness of the "flower-y" bits. The edging is way cool too. I could totally see this as a motif running down the outside ankle of a pair of socks. Still lovin' the stole! This week's clue is supposed to be 135 rows. Awesome! Just in time for my to take on Vacation. There is no NEW clue the week after, so technically, you are to have two weeks worth of knitting with this clue. I doubt I will let it take two weeks.
Speaking of Vacation, I need to line up some NEW projects to take along. I need some beach knitting, and some house knitting...

ahem, back to the post.

I also finished up the Shaped Lace Tee knitting on Friday night. I set it out to block on Saturday, and can't wait to seam it up.

Well, I hate seaming. I really can't wait to wear it. Seaming, I could skip. I think I am going to watch for a finishing class to come around at a LYS. I'd really like to learn it, rather than just do it. My finishing looks ok, but it could be better. Maybe a class could inspire me to NEW standards.
I cast on for a NEW pair of socks on Saturday. They are for Socktopia, and in the "Summer Lovin'" category. Hopefully, finished tomorrow!
Lastly, for those who have been reading my blog, you know I'm hankerin' to try my hands at some more color work. (no more stripes! Dear god!) I really wanted to do some stranding or fair isle. I was all set to practice on socks, but then for some reason, cast on for a hat. (shrug) The Syncopation hat from the latest issue of Interweave Knits jumped on my needles. The first 7 rows are a BITCH, but then it gets way easier to handle. This technique might be my NEW obsession. Really, the only color work I've done was a couple swatches and the Tomato sweater. This hat is quite a NEW experience. I showed the picture to DH, and said that I felt compelled to knit it, but I didn't think I'd even wear it. I'll probably give it to charity.
He said, "Who's Charity?"
I said, "Charity. You know- a donation."
He said, "Oh. Ha! I thought it was someone at work I didn't know. Well, I'd wear it."
I can't actually give it to him, as the size is a good 2" too small for him, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't wear a rainbow pastel hat. It is a good learning experience though, and if I manage to make it look like it should, I will make him one in DH appropriate colors.
The question I'll leave you with is, what should my NEW vacation projects be? I'm taking along the MS3, but I need a good beach project, and another house project.
First, beach:
Following charts on the beach is hard - wind and sand and water - too messy. That puts the second DH Syncopation hat out of the running. I don't want to cast on for a pair of socks, as I am waiting for August to start a new pair. It can't be too big - so the bathrobe and the petti pants are out. I haven't set up my yarn yet (I know! I can't believe it either! the NEW apartment is still not finished) so I don't want to (can't) wind anything. I have until Friday to decide. It will probably take that long.
Second, house:
The house is easier. I can take along something with charts. I don't really want another lace project. I need something easy to pick up and put down, and not easily destroyed by little hands. (Three year olds tend to be a bit handsy) The bathrobe is on coned yarn - a bit much to pack I think. The pettipants are a good option, but I get to listen to family members ask all week "why' I'm making underwear. maybe better left at home. I'm leaning towards the second hat. It does hinge on having the right yarn for the job. I will have to check the stash. I guess if I don't have anything in the stash, I could make this my "buy it at the yarn store in Ocean City" yarn purchase. But what if they don't have anything appropriate?
well I just don't know. I might have to take all the projects to SnB on Thursday, and see what the gals think I should take.
Indecisive much?
I just realized that I am over half way through the year, and I haven't updated my goals for 2007!
this is what I wrote in December:
"Next year I hope to meet more new people ( a given), go new places - maybe Vermont, and keep learning new things. I want to really master color work - specifically fair isle, but also insertia, continue on the lace quest - doing hard things involving grafting and fancy mitered edges, and finally conquering the scarf for DH. (I will do it!!) I'd also like to take a class about wig building and attend USITT.2007 will bring my 10th Anniversary, a milestone birthday, and the demise of a credit card bill that has been looing forever."
I have met new people, and will continue to do so. The highlights so far have been Anna Deveire Smith and Brain Stokes Mitchell. I haven't made it to Vermont, but I did go more places in Connecticut that I hadn't been to before - including Danbury. I'm working on the color work thing now, but have yet to really give insartia a go. Still working on the lace thing. No fancy grafting, or mitered corners, but I've added beading and entrelac lace to the repertoire. I still have not conquered the scarf. It's on the list. The Wig class and USITT are not in the budget, but maybe next year. I had the 10th anniversary, and the birthday, and am paying the credit card off this week!
Pretty good I think!
Wow. That was a long post. I should shut up now. Go do something NEW, like work.

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