Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Sockapalooza Socks!

They are finished. Whooot!

Ok sockapalooza pal, you know the drill. Look away! Surprises are only surprises if you don't know what they are!

"Fry Your Rods and Cones Spiral Lace Knee Highs"

The details:
Pattern: umm, well it is kinda my version of the spiral lace sock from "Knitting Lingerie Style". I used the book's basic stitch, and the concept of increasing the needle size instead of the stitch count to accomplish the calf shaping. I did my own toe and heel, the stitch count is way different than theirs, and the yarn isn't even close.
Needles: KP classic circs- size 0, 1; Addi Turbo - size 2
Yarn: Lanatte Baby Ull Superwash, 3 balls.
Notes: This was an easy knit - technically. The hard part was the first 4 inches of the ankles. I kept thinking, "when will I get to the size 1's?" Ankle 2 was even worse. I found that I was bribing myself to knit the pink socks. Once I switched to the 1's, and then finally, the 2's, the project flew along at a rapid pace. Just the ankles! OMG!

The stitch pattern is very stretchy - both in width and length. It would be a good, easy to memorize choice for a pair of socks for a person you don't know (or can't find) measurements for. I do not recommend staring at Hot Pink Yarn for a month. (The pictures look a lot more tame than the color really is. Back at the beginning of June I posted about these socks, and the color in that post is more accurate color wise.) I have nothing against pink. I've always been a purple girl myself, but I can get behind a good Barbie color every once and a while. The problem, since you asked, is that I have been looking at hot pink for a month, and I actually bought a hot pink shirt. I've absorbed it into my brain! The Costumechick of a month ago would never have bought a hot pink shirt, unless it was drop dead sexy - maybe not even then. Hot pink has corrupted my brain!!
Remind me to not knit a gift in yellow. If I start buying yellow clothes, it's all over. I've lost it completely.
Will I make a pair of knee highs ever again? Why of course, but his time for ME. I've made 2 pair, both as swaps. Next time, the endless length will be for me. ALL ME!

In other news:

The Shaped Lace Tee is moving along......... I am to the shoulders on the front. I might be able to squeak this out before I go on vacation next week! It'd be a good top to take along!


Kelly said...

Hey, congrats on finishing your socks! You are right, the color is *much* more vibrant in real life, and I love that color. Your lace tee is just so lovely too, and the red gives it a whole different personality from the white in the pic...I prefer it! But you knew that, LOL!

Dipsy said...

Oh wow, these socks look absolutely awesome! What a great pattern, and the yarn you were using seems to be just the perfect one for it, it makes the pattern really "pop out", so to say! Fantastic job!