Thursday, July 19, 2007

What I learned about seaming

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Noble Excellency Costumechick the Sanguine of Bismorton Shropcake
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I saw that on Erin's blog, and couldn't resist.
Anne added a few things to the "I never" knitting list. I'll add my experiences here:
Knitting on the beach - I am SO the Queen of Beach knitting
Thinking about your knitting while you're supposed to be focused on something else
Knitting during a meeting - -oh yeah
Knitting a boyfriend/husband sweater - It's knit, but it's not finished yet...
Attending a Stitch & Bitch group
Asking for/receiving knitting-related gifts for bdays, holidays, etc.
Knitting on an airplane - odd, but, no. I haven't. I need to go more places
Learning knitting vocabulary in a foreign language - Learning... along w/ swear words
Having a Wall of Yarn - I have enough yarn for a wall, but don't have a shelf picked out yet. Next month....
Taking a knitting-related trip (including out-of-state yarn-buying junkets) oh WEBS

I was just thinking about all the fun and off color additions you could make to this list...
Knitting while naked
Knitting while drunk
Knitting while high
knitting with a hang over
knitted lingerie
knitted a body part
Used a needle to scratch inside your ear - or somewhere else a little/lot nasty
Used yarn for something other than its intended purpose
Used needles as chop sticks

I could go on, but you get the idea. Note that I did not admit to any of the above, but those that know me IRL probably don't need me to admit to anything.
What I learned about seaming:
I hate it. Ok. I didn't learn that last night. I already knew it. I just reinforced the lesson. What I learned is that I hate "graft" seaming - like you do at shoulder seams and the under arm bits on a sweater. It's not too bad in stockinette stitch, but it both sucks and blows on a lace pattern. in-freaking-possible to make it look perfect. AND you can still tell it's a seam! It's not like the graft is invisible. In a lace pattern, there is suddenly a solid line w/ no holes. hmm... I wonder where the seam is? Blech.
On a good note, I got the stupid shoulders done, and the right sleeve. Not too much for one night, but I also worked at finishing up my July socks for Socktopia. Still not as much knitting as normal. What could I have been doing?
Getting a MANI and PETTI! I love a good day of nail maintenance. I tipped really well too. It has been a YEAR since I went. I was in sad shape. He deserved every penny I set down last night. I cannot go on Holiday with bad nails. Pretty toes look better in the sand. That's all there is to it.

Anyone know why I have a single highlighted word that won't go away? Me neither....
Later today, a post of the july socks. It will be my last until I get back form the BEACH! Unless my brother has his computer along w/ wifi. then I can probably sneak in an update...


KnelleyBelley said...

It's official. You are the funniest blogger I've read in a while. Thanks for the chuckle and the gross pictures that popped into my head as I read your new knitting experience ideas. I NEVER!

Kelly said...

Hey, have a great vacation!! Sounds like lots of fun! I want to see that seam when you get back...I'm sure it's leagues better and nicer-looking than you think.