Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July clues

Socktopia strikes again! I did not finish a pair in June. shame on me!! So this month I have my Sockapalooza socks to finish up - I'm passed the halfway mark on #2 currently; a pair of socks for Socktopia, and my MS3 to work on. I might need another project.

Ha! I heard you laugh. With the speed I've been knitting with, understand your reaction, "You won't even get that much done!" Like hell I Won't! I'm ramping up speed and my life is quiet-ish. I plan to knit copious amounts of yarn in the next month!

With out further delay, these are the Socktopia themes for July:

Purple Mountains Majesty
Amber Waves of Grain
Order of the Phoenix
Ruby Tuesday
Summer Lovin’

I have to say, Summer Lovin' or Purple Mountain's Majesty are in the lead right now. I do have a majestic mountain of purple sock yarn.....

I had originally planned a pair of red white and blue striped socks for my youngest brother. He is very patriotic, goes to a school that has red/white/blue as it's colors, and loves patterned socks. Perfect match, no? Well, now I am leaning away from them. He is getting more and more conservative instead of more and more liberal - as most people get when they go off to college. I'm afraid he might actually *hate* them. I might just call him up and ask. They wouldn't be a surprise, but at least I'd know if he'd wear them or not.

As a side note, he also has giant feet. Well, giant for my family. I don't know if I am ready for another giant pair of socks just yet.

So, aside from finishing up the Sockapalooza socks (maybe tonight!), casting on for the June "yet to be decided on"Socktopia Socks, and working on the MysteryStole3, I think this is my fourth project:

It is the "Shaped Lace Tee" also known as "Krista", from Joan McGowen-Michael's book "Knitting Lingerie Style". I think the red Cascade Pima Tencel will be perfect! I hope to swatch it this weekend.

Why am I bumping this ahead of the rest of the "want to knit" list? Good question. I suppose it's because the yarn is new and I could wear it this summer if I got working on it. Most of the rest of my list is wintry things. Maybe that's not true, but I like my little lie. So there.


anphoe said...

That lace top caught my eyes too when last time I was reading the book in Barns & Noble. May be we can start a KAL group and see if anyone want to join :)

Kelly said...

Ah, yes, that lace top beats my Knitty top hands down in the racy category! OK, maybe I'll do the lace all the way up then, LOL! Congrats on your great sock productivity!

buttercup said...

I got that book in the Knit Picks sale and can't wait for it to arrive. I've looked at it in B&N and Borders and knew there were a lot of patterns I loved but didn't remember this one.

So pretty! I'll be checking back on your progress.