Monday, August 04, 2008

Showered with Knitting

I had a really great weekend.
1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is over - woo! I can have knitting time again!
2. I went yarn shopping! Woot!
3. I went to Jenn's Shower. Yum and woot!
4. Hung with the "bitches"! Double woot!
1. I love designing costumes for shows, I really do. But by the time tech is over, all you want to do is forget the blasted show ever existed. This is especially true of musicals. Freakin' songs in your head! By the time I go to closing night to help strike, all I want to do is take an icepick to my ear in an attempt to remove the blasted repetitive droning of the musical de'jour.
The show was fine, the kids did great, but damn am I happy to not look at Oompah Loopahs every night anymore.
2.Yarn shopping! DH and I went "a-geeking" on Saturday. (It is similar to a-wassailing, with less booze, and no sleigh) We drove out to New London to do some DH style geeking, and went to Saybrook Yarn just for yours truly. I actually was after yarn for a specific project, so it wasn't even impulse buying! I got 8 skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in color #6283 for a sweater for my Mom. After the Olympics, this will be the last "big" knitting project on the Summer Knitting Goals list. I wanted to be prepared to start. You know, just in case I managed to get two blankets finished in 14 days. (Go ahead and laugh. I am.)

Then on the way home from the eastern end of our oh-so-big state, I remembered the new yarn shop in Branford! I had zero idea of where it might be, but that didn't deter me one bit. It never has. Turns out the Yarn basket is on RT1 - super easy to find. The store is way cute, albeit a little bare at this point. I was there about 28hrs after they opened. They were still doing inventory! The reports have been coming in from other CT SnBers, so I'll give you the short version. Easy to get around, nice layout, prices easy to find, decent selection. Yarns to note, Brown Sheep, Noro, Plymouth, Berroco - I didn't right anything down, so this is just off the top of my head. I ended up buying two skeins of Noro for the ever growing collection waiting to become a big, crazy blanket for my couch.

Not too bad!
3. Sunday - The Shower. Jenn, one of "the bitches", had her wedding shower at Leon's, in New Haven CT. Lots of us made an appearance, and ate ourselves stupid. No of course, we also knit! (and ate, and knit, and ate, and opened gifts, and ate.) I kid you not. I ate enough food for three days. I'm still kinda full.

All the bitches got together for a group picture towards the end. Aww. Aren't we cute? The bride-to-be is the one holding the bow-bouquet. Which is rather fabulous, if i do say so myself. (seeing as I am the one who made it.) [insert cheesy grin here.]
We didn't play any "shower games", so the bitches made their own fun. We talked about racy things, knitting, racy things, knitting, the food, dates, the food, racy things, well... you get the picture. The big, long lasting conversation involves pencils. Yes, regulation #2 pencils.
The back story: One of the Bitches, who I will not name, went out with a guy that said if you can hold more than one pencil under your breast, you are "past your prime". Now, this was news to all of us. We are sexy ladies, so not "past our prime". And, I could hold a single pencil under my boob when I was 10, so was I "past my prime" by 12, when I had B cups? Surely not. So, of course, we decided a little field work was in order to determine the validity of this claim. The lot of us had varying success with boob/pencil manipulation, but we all participated with the same rules. #2 pencils, under the boob, with out bra, and had to be able to let go of the pencil. We weren't sure if the original idiotic statement required that the pencils be flat to the body, or could be scrunched up, so we discussed both options. Ultimately, we just wanted to see how many pencils our naked boobies could entrap next to our body.
So, in the privacy of our own homes, we undertook the "past our prime" challenge. I will let the others post their success, or lack of success, if they want to. I am going to proudly display my booby-pencil-holding prowess number here. For all to see and be in awe of.
16. I can hold 16 regulation #2 pencils under a single, giant, costumechick boob. (and trust me, they ain't saggy neither. Just big)
And, no. No pictures.
I had a great day hanging with the bitches, talking about dirty things, that we maybe shouldn't have in the presence of the parents and soon-to-be in laws, and generally having a great time. All in all, a fine weekend, topped off by an awesome dare.
Maybe a little actual knitting next time...


Trillian42 said...

"Past your prime"?! Oh, hellz no. I've always heard it as if you can hold a pencil, you are too big to go braless, not that you were too droopy!

And I remember one woman telling us that her SIL could hold a can of soup under hers...

costumechick said...

can of soup, you say......

Anonymous said...

All Hail the Queen of Number 2 pencils!

By the way, I'm "borrowing" the group picture to put on my blog since I completely forgot my camera.


KnelleyBelley said...

You beat me by 10 pencils. I know I couldn't handle a can of soup, but I'm sure there are other things I can hold!

jennsquared said...

The bouquet was fabulous! Love it!

Glad you had fun!

acambras said...

The back story: One of the Bitches, who I will not name, went out with a guy that said if you can hold more than one pencil under your breast, you are "past your prime".

I will admit to being said bitch. And now a very special message for my ex:
Dude, you will never see my breasts again. And maybe sometime you should try the pencil test on your own damn man-boobs. :-)