Monday, August 11, 2008

off to a good start

I am an Olympics junkie. I really am. I love them. It really doesn't matter what sport is on tv, I am watching it. Now. I am really not a sporty girl. (Like, at all.) I played my fair share of sports in High School, and I try to maintain a basic fitness routine involving the elliptical machine and weight machines, but, athletic, I am not. In fact, if you were to think of an adjective that describes me, athletic would not be in the top ten of most people's list. That is OK though, because for 2 weeks every two years I get to be at the biggest athletic competition in the world. I get totally sucked into the "behind the scenes" stories, and the rivalry drama. Sometimes the action is so tense, and the competition so close, that I can't help but to scream at the TV! (Did you see the swimming final last night for the Men's 400 Meter Freestyle? Holy Hell. That was good. Not to mention, Phelps is a cutie.)
And, I do it all while knitting. Now, I'd be knitting anyway, but just to add some pressure to the Olympics, I've joined the "Ravelymipcs" as a Ravelete in the Afghan Marathon. Running I don't do, but knitting two entire Afghans in two weeks? Count me in. Last Friday I cast on for the first part of my event. I feel like the first one is the Qualifier, since it is the easier of the two. My qualifier is about half finished, and moving ahead nicely. I feel I am keeping a good pace, not too fast - don't want to burn myself out - and not to slow - don't want to fall behind. I am nearing a rough section of the event though, since I have to actually work, and cannot just knit all day like I did this past weekend. Don't worry though, I have a good downhill section to look forward to, and should pick up speed then!

Back to the grind! Good luck to the other Raveletes! (and to the actual Olympians. You know the ones that are athletic. Not me.)


Anonymous said...

absolutely boo-tiful

KnelleyBelley said...

Can't get over how much progress you've already made. You're going for the gold!