Monday, March 31, 2008

Grey Day

What an ugly day today. It's all grey and nasty. It's April to f^*#s sake! Get warm already! And sunny while you're at it too! (grump)
Anyway, sorry for the lack of posting everybody. I've been hella busy at work. Well, not really, while actually at work I've been hella bored, but I've been here an awful lot lately. We had tech this weekend for The Bluest Eye - the play version of Toni Morrison's novel. The play is really good, but one can only sit in the dark for so long before one starts to "lose it". Thankfully I had my knitting.
I started a sweater on Wednesday during tech. I'm calling this one Zippery, well, since it has a zipper. Original, I know. It's great tech knitting since it is Stockinette, simple shaping wise, and warm. It is always cold in the theatre during tech. Why we need the air conditioning on in March, I don't know, but... whatever. The sweater kept we warm whilst knitting - bonus!
SO I knit merrily along during the three days of tech. Then I knit merrily along during a movie this weekend. (I obviously did not have ENOUGH dark sitting, and needed to do it for fun as well.) And then again yesterday at the coffee shop.
All that knitting brought me to:

Nearly a sweater! I am almost finished with sleeve 1. One more sleeve, a drawstring casing, and a zipper, and I have a new sweater! Zippy is being made from Cascade Ecological Wool. I must say, I LOVE this yarn. It is really nice to work with. The color is kind of amazing too. If it wasn't so damn grey out, I could get a better picture, but you'll have to just trust me on it. I think in most lights, the yarn looks dark grey, but then every once in a while, it takes on a brownish quality. It's the perfect "go with everything" color! I also should extol my love of the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns. They are always well written and produce such easy to wear garments. Listen to me getting all gooey.
Maybe I can finish it by Wednesday! Sweater in a week! Maybe, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. We all know how much I like finishing. (Glances at the bag on her desk patiently awaiting a lining, all the while mocking her...)
Since I know you are going to ask, DH and I went to see Pink Floyd's, "The Wall". It was playing at the Criterion on Saturday night. I'd never seen it, and DH is A huge PF fan. It was... weird. Weird in a artistic trippy way. I should pause here to mention that I can not imagine going to see this film in a "altered" state. It was crazy enough as is, under the influence I would have been a paranoid wreck. The 10 foot tall singing asshole would have done it.
Finally, a shout out to my Mad Kitchna Skills:



acambras said...

Um, it's Mad Kitchna Skillz, yo.

The Spelling Police

costumechick said...

spell check totally changed my gansta spellin'

jennsquared said...

Damn! That was fast! Can't wait to see it on Thursday!

WifeMomKnitter said...

You're supposed to be able to play the entire album "The Wall" to the movie "The Wizard of Oz".

Never tried it, but that is what the kids tell me.

I've seen bits and pieces of it...I watched it because the Englishman I had the hots for loved Pink Floyd.

This comment is brought to you by yiujytle which is a rare species of turtle only found in the Yiujy region of Madagascar.

KnelleyBelley said...

You're pretty zippy on the Zippery! Slow down there, sister.

I'm down with your mad kitchna skilz.

And I'd just like to know exactly which kids WifeMomKnitter is talking to. We need to speak to their parents.

acambras said...

I hear that Pink Floyd thing only works with drugs.

Drugs are bad.

Drugs will make an otherwise sane person think that the Pauly Shore movie "Biodome" is funny.

Just say no.

HUGS, not drugs!

Anonymous said...

Actually it's not the Wall that supposedly sincs up with TWOZ but Dark Side of the Moon, and it only sort of works, you can find it on YOUTUBE

WifeMomKnitter said...

See!!! Those damn kids lead me wrong! :-)

I knew it was one of their better albums. Thanks, Evad!!!! :-)