Monday, January 28, 2008

There and back again

We are back from our trip, as in one piece as we were when we left, so overall, pretty good. You have to find something positive in a trip that you really didn't want to take, and travelling mercies are at least one good thing.

On my brief outing to "upstate" I did a fair bit of knitting, as I did a lot of waiting.

First up, the Mitts I finished Sunday:
Vine Yet Again

Pattern: Vine, from Magknits
Yarn: Jaeger Alpaca Pure
Needles: KP classic Circs, size 3
Notes: Well, I already did it twice, so what can I say about this pattern? I love it, that's obvious. I did do a bit of personal adjustments this time out, though. Basically, I extended the wrist ribbing to 21 rows, and the finger ribbing to 10 rows. I also knit the thumb ribbing in the same pattern as the wrist ribbing, and extended it to 4 rows. Overall, just making a longer mitt in general. These will get a ton of use in the freezer that is my office.

I also CO and knit a hat!

Pattern: Fishtail Hat from Knitting Pattern a Day 2008
Yarn: Patons SWS
Needles: Clover DPNs, size 8
Notes: I knit it as written, for a "women's" head. I, as usual, should have made the kid's size. Oh well, it's not TOO big. I could have omitted one pattern repeat though, as it is a bit long. It's warm. It's a hat. It was fun to knit, and it only took a couple hours, and used some stash yarn. Can't complain!

Lastly, I cast on for a new pattern I'm writing. I can show you a little bit, and tell you it will eventually be a two layer lace mitten...

That's it for now! Tomorrow I'll tell you about the store I went to in Syracuse.


JennM said...

I so glad that you enjoyed using my Jaeger Alpaca yarn since, well, I invented that yarn. You might have seen my name on the ball band probably in German. :-)

Hope things went well on your trip upstate.

KnelleyBelley said...

Yarn: Jaeger Alpaca Pure

Um . . . how do you pronounce that? I wouldn't want to seem, you know, uneducated.