Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jebus! It's COLD!

I can barely type, it's so cold. I think the theatre is boarding penquins somewhere around here. Heat, my friends, is not something to forgo on a day like today. Also, one should not have a "breeze" in their office. I have gone 3 times to the sink to run my hands under hot water. One should not have to defrost their hands quite this often. The nice 40's can come back any time now.
It's really bad when 40's are "nice", I think.


jennsquared said...

But 40s IS nice compare to what we are having right now! I know, it is kinda sad.

KnelleyBelley said...

Teeth chattering. Nose running. Weather hating.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't complain about cold, could be a thirty story monster rampaging through your office...or Anna could decide she doesn't like blue...kinda the same thing if you think about it

acambras said...

From a costumer's point of view, penguins should be relatively low-maintenance. After all, they already have their own tuxedos.