Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Let's get his puppy rollin!

Nothing like starting off the new year with a bang! I am rollin' right on in with a new WIP.

These are the Lozenge Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks. I've decided to call them Citrus Lozenges, as they are orange. They will be for DH, which means quite a bit of knitting to get them finished, but worth it in the end. They are his favorite color, and will look great when they are done. It's a good thing our feet are so wildly different in size. I might be tempted to keep them if they fit.

I'm also plugging away on the Mystic Waters shawl. Remember that KAL? It started the same time as SotS - like in October! Needless to say, I fell behind on it, and want to finish it up. I left off after I finished clue #1. I am now on clue 3! I haven't decided whether I will knit the full shawl of knit the smaller version. I am leaning towards smaller since most people I know are not that tall, and this one threatens to come out mega sized. We'll see. Pictures to come when Clue 3 dies.

The Spring Surprise Shawl KAL started yesterday. I haven't even swatched. I think I'll follow progress, print out the clues, and wait to knit this when I have more time. So far I like what I see! In other KAL news, I have three more shawl KAL's on my roster. I will probably pick one to participate in, and two to follow along with. I don't think I have all that lace in me in January.

well kids, that was a short one! I don't have much more to say, or the time to say it!

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KnelleyBelley said...

Love the citrus lozenges. That's such a good word: lozenge. Lozenge. May I have a lozenge? Would you like a lozenge.