Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rok Star in my Rokchoke

Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away called "Rhinebeck", Costumechick came across some back wool yarn with bits of silver melted onto it. She fell in love with the yarn, and just KNEW that she had to make a neck warmer for herself. The yarn was called "Heavy Metal Wool", and it needed a rock star pattern to truly do justice to the totally rock star name of the yarn.
Costumechick set off on a mission into the bowels of Ravelry to find a suitable rock star pattern to compliment her rock star yarn. She searched and searched, only to be disappointed in the level of rock star-dom of neck warmers. Finally she stumbled upon the coolest of cool; the rockingest of rocking; and the most pattern less of patterns. From it was born.... Rokchoke.

Pattern: Blakchoke by John Brinegar was my "muse"
Yarn: Heavy Metal Wool by "Little Barn Yarns"
Needles: 10.5 knitpicks harmony interchangeables
Notes: The original "pattern" isn't really a pattern at all. It is more of an explanation of an idea. I gave credit to the pattern because it was my inspiration. In all honesty, I fell in love with the closure and the asymmetry.

I felted the piece, like the original, but that is the end of the similarity in construction. Blakchoke was knit as a stockinette rectangle, then felted into a asymmetrical shape. I just knit up an asymmetrical shape to begin with. I added safety pins to clip my "dog clip" to, and to hold my "dog clip" on. What is more rock star than safety pins and dog clips?

I like to wear it folded down in a fashion I think of as "new wave" style, as opposed to the above picture that I took to show off the closure. (I think that makes it look like a neck brace.) The yarn was a little scratchy before I felted the piece, mostly due to the silver bits, but after felting, it is soooo soft. It still looks bad ass, but it is really cushy. Oh, and warm too!


Anonymous said...

I love it. It looks completely awesome!!! I want one for myself!!!

Anonymous said...

You're such a bad ass rokchoking rok star! I'd expect nothing less from you!

Batty said...

That's just plain awesome!