Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Criss Cross Crossed off!

I finished up the Criss Cross Wrap for Schaefer Yarns last night!

Pattern: #299 Laurel Criss Cross Wrap
Yarn: Laurel from Schaefer Yarn Company
Needles: US 9
Notes: I knit this for Schaefer Yarn Company as a model. Overall, a very simple pattern that shows of the variegation in the yarn really nicely.

The criss crosses are made by dropping yo's and criss crossing them. It is garter stitch based- so no purling! A little fiddly, but definitely not a hard project to accomplish.

The fringe was the hardest part. Honestly. It was only hard to do because it required a little finesse.

Overall though, a very satisfying project, quickly knit up, and easy to finish!


theatreknitter said...

Val that looks wonderful, really nice.

Anonymous said...

That's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

That's some fancy fringe!

Laurie said...

thanks for the post. bought the yarn almost two years ago. It wanted to be a sweater. this looks like something I would wear more often

Michela said...

Wow that us so gorgeous. Any chance you would share the pattern