Monday, January 12, 2009

Not so black Blackroses

Actually, "black" is the furthest from accurate description you could give these socks.

Pattern: Blackrose Socks, Knitty winter 08-09
Yarn: Knit one, crochet too, Ty-Dy in color 1574
Needles: US0, Knit Picks classic circs
Notes: I had a great time knitting these socks! even though they are in the "Knitty spin" section of Knitty, commercial yarn works just fine, imho. I knit them as written - with the lace panels different on each sock, except for the heels. I did my trusty short row heel - it just seams to fit me better.

The yarn looks great, and as usual, I love waiting for the next stripe. I am easy to please, I guess. My only caution would be the splitty factor. It could be because I was using super pointy needles, but I think that was a small part (if a part if all). The splits didn't prevent me from loving the yarn and the knitting of said yarn, but I did have to pay attention more.

I do think it is funny that the stripes almost line up exactly opposite each other. I couldn't have done that if I tried.

I'm looking forward to wearing these! They are really soft, and fit like a glove. Hopefully they wear well. Oh, and they are my January Socktopia submission!


Trillian42 said...

Beautiful!!! And I love the way the stripes lined up. Totally cool.

Agnes said...

Beautiful socks! The colourway is very special.