Thursday, October 09, 2008

Things that pissed me off today.

1. Drivers. Specifically other idiot drivers that don't understand how turn signals work. No worries, none of the chodes ran into me, but boy did they try! It seems that it is "jerks that are unable to pilot a car and use turn signals go for a drive in Connecticut" day. I missed the memo, and tried to drive on the highway.
2. Work. It's really busy at work. But, it is that irritating "lots to do, but waiting for information" kind of busy. Hurry up and wait. These type of days drive me bat shit crazy.
3. people changing their minds. - see 1. and 2. Stay in your lane! You picked it. Stay there. Don't fucking change your mind and cut me off! Also, if you don't want a haircut, and I cancel the appointment, don't call me back two days later and say that you do want a haircut, and expect me to be able to reschedule it. This kind of jackassery just pisses everybody off.
4. Knitting. I am not getting to work on my Mittens of Browness. I am not really doing anything, yet I cannot not knit. I find this frustrating.

5. Republicans. I feel I don't need to go into detail. I will say that the Ayers thing is bullshit. I will also say that I feel like I want to slap a few people if I meet them. Those people better hope they don't run into me today, lest I carry out my slapping plan. I'm just in the mood.
Ahh. Feels good to vent a little.
Robot voice: "Stress level returning to med-high. Crisis diverted."


knelleyknits said...

Kind of like flipping the bird with words. Glad you feel better.

accountantgrrl said...

Amen, sista!

Anonymous said...

I think that you should do a list like this every day, that way I could totally know when to get out of Dodge, so to speak. Every day I would wake up, check the list and if it i'm pissed at hard knitting patterns I can go about my day. However; if the list has,say, husbands who can't load the dishwasher right, or just men in general I'll know to stop at the chocolate store on the way home.