Friday, October 10, 2008

Things I love today

We can marry who we want
I am proud to live in Connecticut. A little over half of my friends and coworkers are gay, and I am proud that we all now have equal marriage rights. It is one step closer to everybody being respected equally in our nation.
On a side note, I expect to be invited to all of your weddings. I will bring fabulous gifts!


Anonymous said...

I heartally concur, equality for all, despite what your invisible sky god or his zombie son said; who by the way only hung out with men (I'm not sayin, I just sayin)

acambras said...

I wanna be K & L's flower girl, but I don't think S will let me.

Kathleen C. said...

Go Connecticut!!!
Wish I could say I lived in a state that was as logical and intelligent.

knelleyknits said...

It's a very good thing! Go CT!

accountantgrrl said...


Give her chocolate, Acambras. Maybe she'll let you then. I call dibs I being a bridesmaid.

I already have a lovely black dress.