Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How about some knitting content?

I know! Knitting content on a knitting blog? How conformist of me. But, according to LSG, "Fucking butter is punk as fuck."
I actually have been doing some knitting, in between tech, drinking, throwing my shoes at the TV when political stuff is on, and doing the other assorted things one must do to stay alive as a human. Oh yeah, I'm in tech again. This time it is for "Hughie", starring Brian Denehy. He is a really nice guy, and funny too. Anybody that calls me "doll face" is cool in my books though. It hasn't been a tough tech, but it is still not the most fun one can have on a weekend. I spent the time working on my Cable Trim Pullover sleeves.

Oh yeah? remember that? I'm making a sweater. I am 22 rows from being finished with the knitting on this sweater. I am in love with it. Really, I am, but I am not looking forward to the sewing up part. I will persevere, as I want to wear it for RHINEBECK! (RHINEBECK must always be said in capitol letters. That's just how it is.) I was going to finish it last night, but I realized that I would be sitting with nothing to do during tech today if I finished it. I could work on the socks that I started last week, but I'm feeling a little blase' about them. The pattern and color combo is not making me happy. I'm thinking on it. Anyway, I plan to cast off the damn sleeves tonight, block tomorrow, and maybe be sewing up at SnB! We'll see.... I rarely do what I should, or what I say I'm going to do. You realize, that makes me punk. Then when I do what I say I am going to do, it is unexpected - out of character even - and I am therefore Punk as Fuck.
Y'all should be proud to know me.
SO, what did I work on last night, as I was not finishing the sleeves on purpose? I cast on another project. Don't roll your eyes at me! Save it for the Presidential Debate. Over on Ravelry, "Whatifknits" wrote a shawl pattern and wanted to know if people wanted to knit it. I pmed her that I did. Now I am in a KAL on her blog: Pangea The shawl is awesome so far. I'll post pics of that eventually. For now you have to look at the yarn.

Pretty, lacy goodness. She is inviting anyone that wants to KAL to join.... we are only one clue in, and it is an easy one. You know you want to. Come on.
That is called peer pressure. I should be on an After School Special.
I'm wiped out. I'll leave the tales of shoe throwing, drinking, and other assorted crap for another time. Till then, remember, "From an early age, I've always loved Jews and Cuban food." Tina Fey is my secret girlfriend.


cafe-eclectic.net said...

You are one arm twister! I'm so close in joining!! But I must resist! I have 6 market bags I need to make for Schaefer, and my own stupid SKP sock that was way overdue!!!!!


accountantgrrl said...

Actually, I am proud to know you.

My attention will be focused too much on not f***ing up my first grownup sweater or else I would succumb to the lace peer pressure and join the KAL.