Thursday, October 02, 2008


There seems to be an exploding baby vortex swirling around me lately. I know of at least 5 people having kidlettes in the next 6 months. It's craziness! But, it gives me an excuse to knit wee adorable things, so it's all good.
On Tuesday, I ran out of balled yarn to knit my sweater sleeves. My winder was at work, and I wasn't. I should have worked on my Mittens of Brownness, but eh, I wasn't feeling it. I also knew that I had a baby deadline looming, so a little bitty kiddy thingy popped on the needles.

Name: bibsy
Pattern: Baby Bib O' Love, from Mason Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Sugar and Cream Ombre (stashbusting!)
Needles: Susan Bates US6
Notes: Quick little things these bibs are. Literally, it only took about 2 hrs to knit this. Picking a button was harder than the knitting.

If I were to make another one, which I most likely will, I would not knit it in garter stitch. I would do a pattern of some sort. The garter is fine, but tres' boring.
I made this little piece of cuteness for WifeMomknitter's Sister's new baby. (whew. that's a lot of explanation.) I hope she likes it as much as I do. I kind of want to make one for me. I'm a slop most of the time.


Anonymous said...

Ya-Ya is going to LOVE it!

Thank you soo much for doing that.

Anonymous said...

You've been busy!!!! Glad to hear FL was fun and sun and that you enjoyed your trip home. Miss you lots and can't wait to see you on Thursday!!!