Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Way back in January I joined a little Ravelry group called "Knitting Olympics". We were a grand total of 25 people interested in doing a little Knitting Challenge during the Summer Olympic games. The Moderator contacted the Yarn Harlot to see if she was running her Olympics. She was not. So, out of respect for the YH's event, we changed the name to Knitting Olympics Trials. 6 months go by, and I think, "hmm. I better decide what I'm knitting." I go check in on the little Ravelry group. Dude. It is soooo not little anymore. Ravelry has gotten behind the project 150%, and it is now called "Ravelympics"! There are crazy events and teams and sign ups and... (whew!)!
I am signed up for the "Afghan Marathon". I plan to complete two blankets during the Summer Olympics. One would be easy. Two will be a challenge! I signed up to compete for Team LSG and Team New Haven. Yep. I'm double dipping. (Triple if you figure they are both on the Summer Knitting Goals list.) So starting Friday the 8th of August, expect to see a lot of posts about these two projects:
Mommes Lysedug
Oma's Lace
I'm off to do sit ups to get ready. (right. I'm drinking Iced Coffee and daydreaming about knitting instead of working. Sit ups. HA!)Maybe tonight I'll wind the yarn, you know, for training.

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jennsquared said...

I know what you and I will be doing the following Thursday - doing Ravelympics!!!! I'm doing my last shawl as my project. That will be a HUGE challenge, so we'll see what happens. Go team!

ps. I'm at work and work won't let me see photobucket pictures, so I'll have to wait till I go home to see all your pretty knits!!!